League of Legends – Golden Guardians & MAD Lions Making Roster Changes

All #Esports media platforms have been buzzing about reports that support #Huhi will apparently rejoin #GoldenGuardians after a two-year absence due to the #100Thieves roster shakeup.

One of the most reliable supports in the #LCS in recent years, Huhi might be returning to the organization that gave him his start on the 100 Thieves roster after he and the other members of the “Golden Guardians core” — jungler Closer, mid laner Damonte, and AD carry FBI — were all bought by the organization following their reverse sweep by eventual champions TSM in the lower bracket of the 2020 Summer playoffs.

Meanwhile, Armut, a two-time LEC winner, may have played the MAD Lions’ final game. According to the news, the Turkish top laner has apparently verbally agreed to join Dignitas in the LCS.

The Current Rostermania

The highly regarded 100 Thieves Academy prodigy Busio is expected to take the place of the 2021 LCS champion.

Further rumors were spread over the internet, suggesting that Doublelift would most likely join 100 Thieves along with former Team Liquid mid laner Bjergsen and disgruntled former TSM jungler Spica if he were to return to the LCS. Those three players previously teamed up on the infamous 2020 LCS champion TSM roster, where they won a Summer MVP award.

The fact that 100 Thieves brought back the team that won the 2021 LCS Championship was remarkable in and of itself. In the next offseason, even champions in professional Leagues frequently replace at least one component. But by the year’s conclusion, it was obvious that the roster had reached the end of its (although extremely successful) road.

From Summer 2021 to Summer 2022, the Thieves made it to three consecutive LCS finals; nevertheless, in each of the splits this year, they were the losers of the two fastest finals in league history.

After three years at the helm, general manager PapaSmithy left for FlyQuest, and head coach Reapered also left the organization. According to reports, jungler Closer and mid laner Abbedagge were given permission to consider other options for the 2023 season.

Armut Situation

Armut joined the organization after his SuperMassive team eliminated MAD from the 2020 Worlds Play-In Stage in a historic series. Armut was one of the faces of the MAD Lions back-to-back LEC championships in 2021.

He took Orome’s position, Elyoya took Shad0w’s place, and the rest is history. Internationally, they advanced to the MSI semifinals that year with a 2-1 lead over DWG KIA before losing, and a few months later, they were swept by the same Korean team in the Worlds quarterfinals.

But the beginning of this year was a disaster. Armut and company completely missed the LEC Spring playoffs with Reeker in the middle lane before turning things around and making it to the Play-Ins with Nisqy. They were ultimately defeated by the LCS’s Evil Geniuses, 3-0, in that round of the competition.

A microcosm of the predictable and chaotically amusing offseason in professional League has been the full reformulation of MAD.

From Brazil to Berlin, 2022 was essentially the year of the superteam. And all of them, including Team Vitality of the LEC, Team Liquid in North America, and even FURIA of the CBLOL, utterly failed to live up to expectations and broke apart.

After being pursued by teams all over the world throughout the offseason, MAD Lions decided to keep jungler Elyoya and bring back AD carry Carzzy following his underwhelming split from Vitality. As a result, UNF0RGIVEN is supposedly moving to 100 Thieves.

Additionally, veteran Fnatic support Hylissang will take Kaiser’s place on the Spanish organization as Kaiser is apparently joining the remaining members of Vitality.

If Armut were to move across the pond, the top lane would be vacant, and no information has yet manifested regarding who his MAD Lions replacement may be.

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