League of Legends – Dignitas & Heretics Making Big Roster Moves

#TeamHeretics has a clean slate when it comes to developing a team for its initial journey at the top level of #LeagueofLegends in the area as the most recent organization to enter the #LEC. But the team will instead use a well-known player as its first actual roster member.

Meanwhile, the mid-jungle combo for #Dignitas League of Legends squad will allegedly undergo two changes before the start of the upcoming competitive season.

Team Heretics Enters The LEC Scene

Heretics have officially retained Jakob #Jackspektra Gullvag Kepple as their primary AD carry for the 2023 LEC Spring Split, the organization stated today. Over the course of two seasons, the 21-year-old marksman has assisted in the Heretics’ quick rise to fame. He joined the squad at the beginning of this year.

Heretics had a poor 8-10 record during the Spring Split and finished in eighth place overall in the LVP SuperLiga. To great success the next season, the team switched their top laner and coach, vaulting to second place with a far more impressive 12-6 record. On the path to their first LVP title, the squad only lost one game during the playoffs.

After winning a trophy, the team carried that enthusiasm into the summer’s European Masters, where they fought their way to the knockout round and achieved the top spot on the ladder by having two of their three best-of-series go the full five games. According to Oracle’s Elixir, Jackspektra held the fourth-highest KDA in the competition and topped all players in the tournament with a massive 90 kills across 20 games.

Jackspektra is a fantastic option for any team looking for a player who, given enough time and resources, can carry a game with Aphelios, Draven, and Kai’Sa in their champion pool. He was among the top five for average team gold share throughout the summer, so if he is to be successful, he will require a lot of help.

Although there have been rumors that a superstar All-Pro jungler may soon join the Heretics organization’s starting lineup, the remainder of the team’s roster is still unknown.

Team Dignitas Bringing Reinforcement

According to independent League reporter Brieuc Seeger, Dignitas has agreements with Cloud9 mid laner Jensen and Team Liquid jungler Santorin to represent them on the LCS stage in 2023.

With the addition of Dignitas, Jensen would have played for just three other teams in his seven-year career, in addition to Cloud9 and Team Liquid. In 2021, when the team advanced to groups at the League World Championship, he and Santorin both played for TL.

Following playing for Liquid for three years, Jensen was left without a team going into 2022 after the season. He stayed out of the LCS Spring Split in 2022.

When Jensen joined Cloud9 again this past summer, he participated in one split, which helped the team win their third LCS championship in the previous three seasons. This year’s World Championship saw Santorin and Liquid fail to qualify for the event, while Jensen and Cloud9 did not make it through the group stage.

Dignitas has reportedly made a number of transfers this offseason, and the addition of Jensen and Santorin immediately elevates them to the top-half of the LCS. DIG was also said to have secured a deal with MAD Lions player Armut earlier this week.

Apart from the departures of Academy-level AD carry Neo and mid laner Blue, Dignitas hasn’t made any public roster changes this offseason.

According to the League worldwide contract database, Spawn and Biofrost, the team’s starting bottom lane duo, are still under contract with DIG till the conclusion of the 2023 season.

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