LCS 2022 Summer Split Week 2 – Cloud9 Dominating 100 Thieves

Week two of the LCS 2022 Summer Split managed to surpass the initial excitement since one of the highly favored teams – Cloud9, was able to bounce back from three losses and regain the momentum in a match that many people described as their crossroads in this tournament.

Last week we wrote about week one of the biggest League of Legends competition in the world, and how it got us introduced to some amazing plays and moments that will be talked about for a long time.

By defeating 100 Thieves in what was a League of Legends clinic match-up, Cloud9 still have a chance to earn their spot among the best LCS teams.

The LCS 2022 Summer Split Week 2 Recap

With their anticipated League of Legends squad officially in place, C9 defeated 100 Thieves to seal a perfect 2nd week of the event. Their current record is at 2-3. Despite the fact that this was just C9's second LCS game with their full lineup, they displayed teamwork that absolutely confused their opponents and gave them a comfortable lead for almost the entire game.

Following problems with both players' visas and passports, yesterday was the first day Cloud9 was prepared to play with their designated bottom lane—AD carry “Berserker” and supporting “Zven”. The club experienced three losses during the first weekend of the tournament but hopefully had availability of their entire roster going into week two. They also defeated Dignitas, starting their ascent back to the LCS's summit.

After an unsatisfying early game, Jensen, back in the LCS after a year away, gradually shifted the game in Cloud9's favor by applying pressure to his mid-lane competitor without the aid of his jungler, “Blaber”. “Abbedagge” had to move him aside with an “Azir” ulti every time he leaped into him as “Yone”, leaving the 100Thieves mid-laner with a significant gold shortage that made it challenging for him to deal with the scaling Cloud9 comp.

The other members of Closer's squad had to halt what they were doing and move into the middle lane to save him when Closer's attempt to rapidly take down an out-of-position Berserker was thwarted. From that point, the whole 100Thieves roster appeared disjointed and unsure of how to defeat their rivals who had amassed a lead of about 10,000 gold.

The critical hit rates of Cloud9 champions were increased by some gleaming new pricey swords, allowing them to once more march freely through enemy territory while making sure that no turrets in the 100Thieves base were still standing. With their entire lineup reuniting after a difficult week one of the LCS 2022, Cloud9 has effectively climbed to the bottom of the LCS standings.

The Next Challenge

Due to their clean sweep week, C9 has risen in the LCS standings, matching with teams like Golden Guardians, FlyQuest, and TSM at two victories and three losses. Despite the fact that several of the squads at the top of the rankings have not yet completed all their matches, 100Thieves dropped one spot as a result of this defeat.

Week three will begin with Cloud9 taking on CLG, while 100Thieves looks to overcome a team Liquid challenge to start the season.