EG Surprises T1 At 2022 Mid-Season Invitational

After CSGO PGL Major Antwerp, we present you another interesting esports event that is currently ongoing and extraordinarily promising in terms of exciting matchups and crazy highlights. For that reason, we turn our attention to the popular game League of Legends.

Mid-Season Invitational 2022 (10th – to 29th of May) has become a lot more interesting since the unexpected turn of events that happened during the matchup between Evil Geniuses and T1. The ladder squad was very dominant in the early stages of the game, but EG did not give up – and their perseverance payed off big time.

The Match Recap

During the first 20 minutes of the match, it seemed like one could expect a certain win for T1 as they were leading in every aspect of the game, and their champions Lee Sin and Zoe were brilliantly performing.

However, one of the reasons why we all love League of Legends is that no matter how good the teams actually are, there is always a chance for the losing team to turn things around if they manage to get certain things right – which in this case, EG undeniably did.

What is interesting about T1’s lead is the fact that although they were way ahead in kills, golds, and turrets, they did not effectively stop their opponents from farming. This resulted in them not falling behind in terms of levels and items. This proved to be game-deciding in the final team fight. Once EG cleared out the Baron pit, everyone was left speechless as they continued to crush everything in front of them.

It did not take long until they reached the Nexus of their enemies. In a matter of minutes, they were able to take the victory like they were not losing only 10 minutes ago. The whole arena went dead silent in disbelief, trying to wrap their minds around this final result. This was definitely a bitter defeat for the T1 squad. Nevertheless, they still have a chance to qualify for the next stage.

It is important to mention that T1 was the strongly favored team in this matchup. This actually took a lot of pressure off of the EG Players. In one of the interviews, they stated that they expected T1 to take the lead early on and that they hoped for T1 to become inattentive – which is exactly what happened in the end.

Mid-Season Invitational: Conclusion

When it comes to the attention of the esports community, Mid-Season Invitational 2022 can be proud of the latest ratings and numbers of players watching their event. It is one of the largely underestimated ones in terms of betting and commercial potential.

The next stage begins on Tuesday, the 24th of May, where we will get the chance to see many more exciting matchups and hopefully witness similar victories like the one EG was able to pull off.