FIFA 23 – The Biggest Takeaways From Patch 6 Updates

The patch notes for FIFA 23 update 6 have been made public by EA SPORTS, and they significantly alter stamina and reinstate rapid free-kicks.

Over the past few months, EA has made a lot of modifications to FIFA 23, continually tweaking the gameplay and introducing fresh content to modes like Ultimate Team and #VOLTA.

The World Cup mode was included as the most recent significant change, and even though the annual competition is over, you can still play in that mode to try to win honor for your country.

EA has now prepared Update 6—their upcoming significant update—which will address endurance in Ultimate Team for players that employ Constant Pressure strategies and bring back quick free-kicks.

Constant Pressure Alterations

That's correct, you'll notice a shift in your players' stamina if you're one of the FUT gamers that like putting constant pressure on your opponent.

According to EA, the “Stamina Decay by 11.7% for Constant Pressure, Press After Possession Loss, and Press On Heavy Touch Defensive Custom Tactics” was altered in the sixth update.

Since players won't tire as quickly as they used to, utilizing these methods should theoretically allow for more frequent contact with the opposition.

Free Kicks Alterations

As we've mentioned, the other significant alteration concerns rapid free kicks. In several cases, players no longer had the option of losing a quick free kick to gain the upper hand on opponents who had overcommitted.

Now that EA has brought them back, users will once more have that choice in specific circumstances. You must still wait for the referee's whistle, though.

The full list of changes for FIFA 23 Update 6 can be seen below:


  • Your AI teammates will aggressively try to create shorter passing alternatives when playing against a squad that employs constant pressure.
  • A defender who is being controlled by the CPU applies Constant Pressure to the ball carrier but is unable to recover the ball may take longer to track back.
  • lowered the stamina decay rate by 11.7% for the defensive custom tactics Constant Pressure, Press After Possession Loss, and Press On Heavy Touch.
  • In some circumstances, ball carriers are now more likely to keep the ball in their hands when under pressure from a defender coming from behind.

Fixed the following problems:

Defenders may occasionally wrongly slow down when pursuing Lofted Through Passes.

Addressed additional occurrences where the ball accidentally reverted to the attacking player following a tackle by a defender.

Teams with a high defensive line may push up too close to the middle of the field during kickoffs.

In some circumstances, employing Player Lock when using custom controls could lead to the execution of unwanted requests.

The CPU ball carrier may make unwanted Skill Moves or passes when locking to a player without the ball.

Resolved the issue where some animations wouldn't work properly when two players made physical contact.

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