Team Spirit extends partnership with Parimatch

The Russian Team Spirit won the Dota 2 The International last year. After the spectacular success, the eSports association has naturally become even more interesting for sponsors. One partner immediately put his money where his mouth is – Parimatch. The bookmaker has extended its commitment for another year, with the additional option of extending the contract into 2024.

Details of the cooperation: joint merchandising line planned.

Parimatch has extended the partnership for the second time. The company entered into the first contract back in 2019. At that time, it was not really foreseeable what success Team Spirit would have. For the betting company, the e-sports entry was at the same time a prestige success.

The bookmaker’s logo will be seen on the front of the jerseys and on the sleeves of Team Spirit in 2022. The sponsorship includes the Dota 2 and Counter Strike players.

It was also agreed that Parimatch and Team Spirit will create joint content for the eSports community. Even an own merchandising line is planned. As expected, the focus will be on the republics of the former Soviet Union.

Parimatch: The bookmaker

Parimatch was founded in 1994 in Ukraine. Online betting has been offered since 2000. Parimatch is thus one of the very first bookmakers in the former CIS states. The betting provider from Kiev has subsequently made an international rise and has now arrived internationally. Business is conducted from the offices in Limassol. It operates with a valid gambling license from Curacao. Furthermore, Parimatch has regional licenses from Cyprus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Tajikistan.

It is interesting to note that the betting company has already made several headlines in the sponsorship and marketing sectors in recent years. For example, Mike Tyson and Conor McGregor were on board as brand ambassadors. Currently, Parimatch is literally in the Champions League as a soccer sponsor of Chelsea FC London and Juventus Torino. In 2020, the betting provider ran a major marketing campaign with the stars of Juve (then still with Cristiano Ronaldo). It should not be forgotten that Parimatch is the official general partner of the national soccer and basketball teams of Ukraine.

In eSports, Parimatch is not unknown as a sponsor. Its involvement with Team Spirit followed its partnership with, also a Russian gamers’ organization. Marcelo Augusto David – Coldzera – is the official e-sports ambassador of the betting company. If you look at the website of Parimatch, it becomes clear that eSports betting is taking a bigger and bigger space.

The statement of Team Spirit

Team Spirit has received numerous sponsor requests after last year’s Dota 2 success, but they are chosen deliberately. Commenting on the new contract with Parimatch, Nikita Chukalin, CEO of Team Spirit, said:

“We are pleased to announce the continuation of cooperation with the Parimatch brand. We carefully select companies and brands for possible cooperation. Parimatch has established itself as a reliable betting brand focused on eSports and its development over so many years in the market. Moreover, we are pleased that the Parimatch brand seeks partnerships with the best in their sport. It is a pride for us to be on par with such giants of world sports as Chelsea and Juventus. We greatly appreciate the interest of our partners in the growth of our brand and the promotion of team spirit, both on a regional and international level. This is a rare quality in today’s market. Thank you to the Parimatch brand for this approach.”