PGL Major Antwerp 2022 – Playoffs Update

Not much has been going on lately in the world of esports competition, but luckily, we have PGL Major Antwerp 2022 going on. Now that the “smoke bug” situation is behind us, it is time to discuss what we’re all interested in – the game.

Lots of great matchups are waiting for us in the upcoming days of the event, but a small recap would be perfect for all of you who want to catch up with the happenings or would like to weigh in on certain information before placing money bets.

G2 vs Team Outsiders

As expected, the recently re-signed duo of “Niko” and “huNter” is doing what they’re supposed to do – showing up when it matters and saving their team from elimination. Their stellar performances were the difference between G2 staying in the tournament and them going home.

The Outsiders were able to show much more resistance in the later rounds, but it just wasn’t enough as they were getting overwhelmed by the G2 pressure. After regaining their rhythm, G2 just took over and finished the matchup in style.

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Vitality vs BIG

The matchup that was considered to be one of the biggest thrillers and surpassed all the expectations. Vitality was able to defeat Team BIG by a slight edge and break their way into the next round of competition, while the German squad will be forced to go back home.

Until the very end, there was no way of determining which team would come out at the top, making this matchup one of the craziest ones not just in this event, but in the CSGO history. When Fragmovies are being made, a lot of moments from their battle will be included for sure.

FaZe vs Copenhagen Flames

This matchup went as most of us expected. After overcoming Copenhagen Flames, FaZe qualified for the PGL Major Antwerp playoffs, and nothing would be special about this news if there wasn’t for the fact that all of the FaZe’s players had double-digit kills, which just proves how great chemistry they have, and that they will be serious contenders in the remaining stages of the event.


The match between the Swedish and Brazilian teams was expected to be a true display of rivalry but instead ended up being a one-sided dominance for NIP.

With a convincing win over FURIA, the Swedish-majority squad became the last team to qualify for the playoffs, limiting them to only 12 rounds total in the whole series. With a 2-0 victory over FURIA, NIP has secured a spot in the top eight of the tournament. They began the match with a near-perfect CT side on map Nuke, winning an amazing 16-2 in the end. Even though Inferno was a more competitive game, the Ninjas came out on top.

The Conclusion

The PGL Major Antwerp 2022 seems to be giving us more and more reasons to get or stay tuned and watch the matches without blinking. Considering the quality of the competition, the level of entertainment, and the overall experience, regardless of who wins the event, the losers will be the only ones who missed it.