Kjaerbye returns to the CS:GO scene

The fans will be happy. Markus “#Kjaerbye” Kjærbye is coming back to the professional #eSports scene. The successful Dane had taken a one-year break. In the past months there was a lot of speculation.

There was even talk from the Scandinavian’s environment that Kjaerbye had hung up his career completely. In the meantime, the CS:GO pro has spoken out himself and confirmed that he will return. In addition, Dane has commented on the reason for his temporary withdrawal.

Health and psychological problems

Kjaerbye started out as “No Sir” in the Counter Strike scene in 2014. The Dane celebrated his greatest success with Team Astralis, with whom he won the Major tournament in Atlanta in 2017. After that, things went steadily downhill for Markus Kjærbye. Only a year later, he admitted in an interview that he actually no longer had any motivation to play. He continued anyway, with short guest appearances in the clans of FaZe and Hyenas.

The Scandinavian already had health problems at that time. Shortness of breath and pains in his stomach and chest were his daily routine. The reason for the difficulties were the psychological problems. The pressure on the young professional was enormous at the time.

Kjaerbye returns to the CS:GO scene

Kjaerbye has taken the time out from eSports extremely down to earth. The 23-year-old works in his father’s cafe. The distance from CS:GO has done the Dane good. Motivation has slowly returned. During his time away from the game, he has spoken to several professionals who have slowly awakened an interest in him to return. According to Kjaerbye, it is difficult to find a new vocation. He said he has done some deep soul-searching to figure out what he really wants.

Completely new lifestyle

The Dane has changed his lifestyle. He still works three hours a day at his father’s cafe to clear his head. In addition, Kjaerbye goes jogging every day to keep himself physically fit. “You can’t play Counter Strike all day,” says the Scandinavian. The balance has to be right. That’s the only way the performances come.

“I feel so calm in my game. I don’t overthink my decisions so much anymore. I’ve found the perfect way to perform.”

Valorant offers rejected

Currently, the Dane is in the process of finding a new team. In the past few months, Kjaerbye has received several offers from Valorant Clans. The offers have all been rejected by the player. The Scandinavian has turned down the high-paying contracts because his heart still beats for CS:GO Counter Strike.

Team must accept his lifestyle

No decision has been made yet on where and when Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye will return to professional action. It will be crucial that his new team accepts the Dane’s lifestyle. There are unfortunately still many clans in the virtual eSports world that are focused exclusively on the grind. A healthy lifestyle in balance between private and gaming is rare. But Kjaerbye has made exactly this decision for himself. He doesn’t want to get caught in a downward spiral again. Only if the team management accepts and supports this condition will the successful Dane pick up the mouse professionally again.