FaZe maintains their title streak after defeating ENCE in the ESL Pro League Season 15 final

The #IEMKatowice champions have added another trophy to their cabinet. FaZe Clan continued their title streak today by defeating ENCE 3-1 after a strong effort in the ESL Pro League Season 15 final.

Quick Glance Back

FaZe has won a major CS:GO event for the second time in a row. The multinational team won IEM Katowice 2022 just little over a month earlier, giving them their first trophy of the year. Even though they were up against a squad that could be considered a dark horse for the event, ENCE put up a commendable effort and forced FaZe to sweat.

The Match Recap

Vertigo, the first map in the series, was a bit of a shock. According to many, it was left wide open after the banning period by FaZe, who had not played at all in the previous three months. This didn’t stop them from convincingly grabbing the series lead with a 16-11 result, which was mostly due to their consistent play. Rain, who stepped up big time for his comrades with a 27/17 kills/death score, the best on map one, is worth mentioning.

On the 2nd map, “Overpass”, which was chosen by karrigan’s guys, ENCE matched FaZe’s intensity and gave spectators an outstanding performance. After a solid counter-terrorist lead, FaZe caught up, forcing the series’ only overtime. There, ENCE’s hades, who had previously won multiple clutch situations on “Overpass”, did so once more, helping his team tie the series at 19-17.

Even yet, FaZe’s later success was dependent on their experience and ability to perform under pressure. Hades and his comrades finished the first half of the series’ third map, Mirage, with a comfortable 7-8 score for the terrorists. Sadly for them, they were unable to respond to karrigan’s point calls in the 2nd period, taking only 2 rounds before FaZe ended the map and reclaimed the series lead.

The narrative was identical to Mirage on “Dust2”, the big final’s fourth and final map. ENCE stayed up during the first half, but eventually ran out of gas and ideas after halftime to overcome FaZe’s outstanding defense, resulting in Robban’s squad securing the EPL championship.

The Next Stop

FaZe has won yet another big event in the CS:GO scene, making it the team’s third win in a row. Simultaneously, the international squad edged closer to capturing the Intel Grand Slam Season Four. The squad is only two ESL S-tier events away from taking home the $1,000,000 prize pool. FaZe has also been confirmed for the BLAST Premier World Final 2022.

On the positive note for team ENCE, their player, Spinx, was named MVP of the ESL Pro League Season 15 tournament.

Both teams will take a few days off before returning to action for the RMR tournaments for the PGL Antwerp Major, which kick up on April 17 in Europe. This is great news for all the fans who can’t wait for more esports action, and also for those who are looking forward to making some sweet cash by placing bets on fantastic matchups waiting for us.

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