Cloud9 Wins IEM Dallas by beating ENCE 3-0

Over the last couple of weeks, we had the chance to enjoy some of the most skilled teams from the CS:GO community. Names like Astralis, G2, Liquid, FaZe, and many others went against each other with a single goal in mind – beat everyone else to become the IEM Dallas 2022 Champions.

However, the trophy could go only to one team – and that was the famous American squad, Cloud9.

Although ENCE had a great run in the tournament, they were not able to come on top in the final match-up. It seems that their semi-finals match against team FURIA took too much out of them, allowing their American rivals to absolutely annihilate them in the final match of the event.

The IEM Dallas Finals Recap

The first map of the finals was the Mirage, where considerably both of the teams find themselves to be reasonably comfortable. Team ENCE was actualy the one to win the pistol round, but their momentum was interrupted by the technical issues that were related to the audio settings.

After the quick break, it was noticeable that Cloud9 benefited more from it since they came back more cool-headed and managed to get themselves going. Although ENCE was able to win the 1st round, soon the tables would turn in a surprising manner. The streak of Cloud9 nullified ENCE’s efforts pretty quickly, so the scoreboard looked way different compared to the previous round.

From that point, there was no question who would win the Mirage map, and ENCE could only try to do better on the second one – Overpass. Unfortunately, that was where Cloud9 cemented their advantage as they didn’t allow ENCE to even remotely look like they had any chances of winning. After closing the map with 16-11, the only thing ENCE could hope for was a miracle.

Unlucky for them, the miracle never came as Cloud9 started great on the third map – Ancient, killing every dream ENCE might have had about making a comeback. When it was time to close out the map, that’s exactly what they did, and claimed the championship while making a strong statement.

IEM Dallas MVP Award

Securing the title was not the only reason for Cloud9 to celebrate, as their star player Sergey “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov was awarded the MVP title for his incredible performances. What made him eligible to win the award was his consistency during the event, where he would step up every time Cloud9 needed a push.

What makes his achievement even better is the fact that this was his best performance ever in any professional event he participated in. Considering that Sergey is only 20 years old and that this was the first MVP trophy of his career, it is safe to say that there is a very bright future ahead of this young gentleman.

The Conclusion

A lot of great CS:GO moments are behind us, and it will be interesting to see what is next on Cloud9’s horizon. For now, they will relax and celebrate their huge success, before new events show up on the calendar, which is something all of us esports fans are waiting for.

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