CSGO – Valve Decides To Fix The “Magic” Molotov Issue

Prior to the BLAST Premier Global Final, Valve published a new CS:GO update that fixes a long-standing bug that allowed molotovs and incendiary grenades to fly longer than their intended two-second duration.

When an incendiary grenade or molotov passed over a 2D skybox at the exact moment that it was scheduled to explode, a glitch known as the “magic molotov” allowed the object to fly indefinitely because it is coded not to detonate over or on a 2D skybox.

If thrown with the proper lineup, a molotov may travel a limitless distance because the internal check to determine if it should detonate only occurred once.

The Big Issue

The bug could be exploited on any map, but Ancient gained popularity and was the most frequently employed at the professional level. Terrorists may virtually immediately molly middle (outside of doughnut) from their spawn, forcing CTs to either immediately waste a smoke or try to contest middle from uncomfortable angles.

This one molotov had such an impact that professional players and tournament directors discussed whether it should be permitted or not; most directors decided to allow it to stay. As stated in their rulebook, “so termed ‘unlimited’ grenade distance throws” are permitted, hence ESL has officially permitted the exploitation of the bug.

However, in September 2021, BLAST placed a ban on the use of molotov cocktails in their events. This led to some confusion for everyone, including esports bettors, because some teams were originally unaware of the prohibition and the majority were accustomed to practicing and competing with teams who were using them. It is unknown if BLAST presently permits it because the bug is not mentioned in their rulebook.

Due to the abundance of opportunities for the bug to be used, the problem with magic molotovs has become much more problematic since Anubis was added to the competitive rotation.

In fact, Oleksandr #s1mple Kostyliev discussed the bug’s influence on the map before the BLAST Global Final.

The Ukrainian sharpshooter remarked, “I truly like Anubis and my friends adore this map, but Valve could address a lot of issues, like a lot. There are approximately 15 molotovs that you can toss throughout the entire map, and I believe teams like Outsiders or Heroic will come up with some creative strategies. There are numerous molotovs like the Ancient one, and it’s strange that while at BLAST they were always permitted, at various competitions they can be banned.”

In their patch notes, Valve reports that they have “corrected Molotov and Incendiary grenades not detonating in midair when flying over skybox zones.” This problem has since been resolved and the bug has been completely removed, which means fair chances for CSGO esports betting since there will be no more advantage at the beginning of Ancient.

Along with adjustments to the map pools for Wingman and official matching, the update also includes a discount of 75% on sticker capsules from the IEM Rio Major. Ahead of the new year, the 2023 service medal has also been added to the game.

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