Call of Duty Summer – Full Schedule of COD August Events

Call of Duty is still among the most popular titles today. Here is the full schedule of all the important COD events that await us in August.

In case you haven’t planned your vacation yet, make room in your schedule to catch the best COD action of the summer, because we have a lot of exciting matches coming up.

The Warzone August Schedule

As the number of Warzone events continues to grow, there are tens of thousands of dollars in prizes up for grabs virtually every week, being the incentive for many upcoming COD players. There are always lots of tournaments to keep track of, from large Activision-sponsored events to smaller local ones, as they are a perfect opportunity for new talents to emerge onto the professional scene, and a great chance for you to make money through esports betting.

As of recently, the demand for Warzone competitions has been significantly increasing due to the rise of the game’s popularity. We present you with a complete tournament schedule that you can use to keep track of all the upcoming major contests.

Tournament: Date:
WSOW In-Game Open (EU & NA) 12th – 15th of August 2022 (Friday-Monday)
WSOW Qualifier EU 20th of August 2022 (Saturday)
WSOW Qualifier NA 21st of August 2022 (Sunday)

Regardless of which streamers you like the most, keeping up with what they’re playing in can frequently be a problem in and of itself. Therefore, to make things simpler, we’ve created a Warzone timetable to keep track of every significant competition.

Even though this month is not one of the most active ones, we’ll keep you informed here as new events are revealed so you won’t miss any of the most exciting moments. However, the events listed above, mixed with the COD league weekend should be just enough to keep us on the edge of our seat as we are striding towards a great esports period, because as we know, the September is an introduction to the major events in not just COD, but other titles as well.

The Comeback of Qualifiers

The largest event series in Warzone is returning for the first time since “Caldera” came into focus. Several rounds of qualifying are scheduled for August before the World Series of Warzone makes its formal comeback in September.

Teams of three must register on Gamebattles by August 12 and then enter the special WSOW BR Trios playlist. From then, on August 20 and 21 in EU and NA, respectively, the top 40 Trios in each area will move on to the second round.

It’s one of the largest competitions of the year, and teams will undoubtedly give it their best with $300,000 on the line.

The best thing about Qualifiers is that sometimes they can be even more tense than the Major events, so the opportunities for esports betting are almost limitless, which is something you should definitely use in the best way possible. If you need any guidance about how esports betting works, feel free to check these guides on our website.

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