Call of Duty 2022 League Heating Up

Although in terms of numbers it is behind giants like League of Legends or CSGO, Call of Duty is still one of the favorite titles of all FPS fans around the world.

Today we present you the Call of Duty league, which is becoming more and more interesting from season to season and threatens to become a serious rival to other major esports competitions.

The competition is sure to be heated regardless of the games being played online or at LAN tournaments across North America in 2022 because there are going to be many returning stars as well as some new characters who are set to establish a name for themselves.

The 12 teams in the league will compete against one another in order to gain points that will affect their standings. The COD League playoffs, the greatest tournament of them all, will be seeded according on the final standings.

The League Breakdown

The COD League takes a whole calendar year to complete, as it consists out of 4 Major tournaments that can only be achieved through several weeks of qualifying matches, which may sound too harsh to some people, but is a great way to ensure the quality of competition in the league.

This is how the points are scored throughout the season:

  • Winning the qualifying tournament – 10 COD League Points
  • Completing 1 out of 4 Major Tournaments:
    • 1st place – 65 League Points
    • 2nd place – 50 League Points
    • 3rd place – 40 League Points
    • 4th place – 30 League Points
    • 5th and 6th place – 20 League Points
    • 7th and 8th place – 10 League Points
    • 9th place – 0 League Points

So, now that the 4th and final Major tournament of the 2022 Season is officialy open, lets check the standings so that we can prepare for the upcoming matches and watch the shootouts without any distractions whatsoever.

Table Spot Team Total League Points
1. Atlanta FaZe 330
2. OpTic Texas 265
3. Los Angeles Thieves 205
4. London Royal Ravens 190
5. Seattle Surge 185
6. Boston Breach 180
7. Toronto Ultra 180
8. New York Subliners 160
Playoff Qualification Cutoff
9. Florida mutineers 160
10. Los Angeles Guerrillas 155
11. Minesota ROKKR 140
12. Paris Legion 20

Regardless of which team you support, the atmosphere at the tournament is sure to heat up as we approach the final stage.

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