Clash Royale – Introduction to eSports Betting

Clash Royale is considered one of this year’s up-and-coming eSports games. Although the mobile game was already released in March 2016, it is currently causing a sensation in the eSports gaming sector. Due to a consistent map on which the cards are placed to summon the heroes, the game is perfect for eSports competition.

The developer Supercell also offers a sophisticated strategy to avoid any advantages or disadvantages in tournaments. Thus, the most diverse cards are raised to a level and both players only have cards with this level at their disposal. So common cards are adjusted to level 9, rare cards to level 7, epic cards to level 4 and legendary cards to level 1.

How is Clash Royale 2 played?

Clash Royale is played with cards that have to be collected or bought. The more cards you have from a hero or character, the stronger it can be made by upgrading it. In addition to characters or heroes to bet, there are also instant spells that damage the opponent or their units.

The game is played on an always constant map, which hardly changes during the game. At the beginning there are two paths that cross the river. These must be used to destroy one of the two outer buildings. Your task now is to send your units coordinated to the enemy side to destroy a tower. Of course, the opponent will also deploy his units and will try to destroy your buildings, this must be prevented, of course. The cards differ in four rarity levels; normal, rare, epic and legendary. In addition, the cards differ in their type, for example, there are flight units that cannot be killed by ground units, as long as they only concentrate on other ground units or buildings. So here you need to find a healthy mix in the deck to be able to defend everything and still destroy the enemy tower.

The game is won if the crown tower located behind the two towers is destroyed, or if time runs out and one of the opponents has destroyed one more tower than his opponent. If there is a draw, depending on the game mode, a time credit is added on top, so that you get another chance to decide the game in your favor.

Tactics are especially important in this game, since from the time period of 60 seconds remaining, the elixir needed for the cards recharges twice as fast and lets you put your cards on the field even faster.

General introduction to eSport betting on Clash Royale

Currently, only very few bookmakers offer bets on Clash Royale, mainly because no major competitions have taken place so far and the game can only be played on cell phones or tablets.

However, the game “Vainglory” shows that mobile games can also become very attractive for bookmakers, provided that large tournaments start. Supercell will also follow this path and will schedule large competitions in the future, not only to crown the best players, but also to attract attention to Clash Royale.

Where can you place bets on Clash Royale?

Finding bets on Clash Royale will be very difficult at the moment, because major tournaments are still in the planning stage and therefore cannot yet be included in the betting provider’s portfolio.

However, it is certain that Clash Royale will have a similar future as the eSports classics League of Legends or Dota 2.

Especially because Supercell updates the game almost weekly to bring balance into the game, nothing stands in the way of Clash Royale becoming the step to the great eSports games of our time. Even enough players find themselves in various arena levels every day, fighting for trophies and chests that contain cards. In tournaments, a level limit is also supposed to be built in, so that every player has the same card level and thus no one should have advantages or disadvantages.

Besides the pure eSports bookmakers like or eGamingBets, which will certainly be the first to provide the game with bets, the very big bookmakers will certainly become aware of the Clash Royale events and offer them.

When can bets be placed on Clash Royale?

The first big tournament of the mobile game is the Crown Championship. This is divided into three major events that run throughout the year. Spring, Fall and World Finals are the names of the three tournaments that cause a big stir among fans.

The Spring Championships have already been played and created a lot of excitement for the game. It’s hard to imagine bookmakers getting on board as early as the Fall Championships and offering bets on individual players. The World Finals will then offer players from all countries the chance to secure glory and $1,000,000 in prize money.

While the Spring Championships lasted from May to July, the Fall Championships start in August. The World Finals, the culmination, is scheduled to take place in November and will unite the best players from around the world to find the very best Clash Royale player.

Players can qualify via qualifying tournaments. A registration on the competition’s own website is enough to participate. However, only the best actually make it to the knockout rounds and have the chance to qualify for the main event.

What type of betting options are there for Clash royale?

Of course, we can’t give you any exact information on this yet. However, in addition to the winner or loser bet, many bookmakers will certainly offer the following bets:

  • First tower destruction – Which of the two players manages to destroy an opponent’s tower first?
  • Handicap betting on best-of matches – For example, if a best-of-five mode is played in a semi-final, one of the two players needs at least 3 wins. Here you can bet on a handicap set by the bookmaker, which lets the favorite start with a deficit that he must make up in order for you to place your bet successfully.
  • Over or Under bet – Here, too, the bookmaker gives you a number that you have to estimate. For example, the bookmaker may say that a best-of-five game is over after four games. If you are sure that the game is already over after three maps, you type here Under and bet against it. If you also think that the game will end at least 3-1, Over is the right choice.
  • Tournament Winner – As with other eSports classics, there will be a bet in advance where you can bet on the winner of the tournament.


What should you take note of when betting on Clash Royale?

Many different players who can play a wide variety of decks meet at tournaments. Especially at the beginning of a tournament it will be hard to pick a favorite, because there will be a lot of new players in the field who will try to play counter decks. Here, the pros will have a hard time and will certainly cut their teeth a time or two.

Still, there are little things that can be crucial before a tournament. It’s best to pay attention to the players’ preparation. Many of the participating pros also stream daily on and let you look over their shoulder here. If a pro regularly loses in training matches, it could be a sign that his current form is not good.

A head to head can also bring a lot of clarity. Here you compare how the opponents competed against each other last time and what the result was. If necessary, one of the players may not be able to cope with the tactics of the other and is therefore rightly the underdog.

A good tip at the end: Even if currently no bookmakers have really become aware of this game, this will almost certainly look completely different at the next tournament. A bonus offered by the bookmakers can save you money and allow you to make a mistake when placing a bet, without having to deposit again immediately afterwards.