VeraEsports and Valorant Champions Tour APAC Challengers join forces

VeraEsports and Valorant – The Big Partnership

VeraEsports, a well-known platform for video live streaming and esports, has announced their deal with company Riot Games – they partnered up for the upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 – Asia-Pacific Challengers.

The deal involves VeraEsports getting the rights to present exclusive content from the events on their streaming platform. This means they will also get the right to showcase the highlights, additional features, and Riot Games content library. Countries that will have access to VeraEsport’s content are Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

What deserves special attention in the esports betting world is their “Watch and Earn” system, which will also be available during the APAC 2022 Challengers. This program gives fans the chance to gain points and get rewarded for being a part of the tournament’s viewership.

If big eSports companies work together and make the right moves, this partnership itself is a great argument that the potential growth they could achieve is almost limitless, considering the size of regional markets. One of the most influential eSports managing directors in Asia, Chris Tran is very optimistic ahead of the upcoming events and Asian eSports future in general.

The mission is the same as before – providing the regional audience with the highest-quality gaming content and expanding the eSports brand. Considering that viewership numbers are increasing every year, it seems that keeping up with mainstream sports will not be an impossible task in the near future.

Anti-Fraudulent Software – Billion Dollar Solution?

Speaking of high-quality service, VeraEsports will test one of their latest software that will help prevent fraudulent marketing practices, which seem to be quite an issue due to the many subjects who would like to mall use the trust of eSports fans.

The actual worth of the fraud advertising market makes this issue stand out even more. The approximate earnings of websites that exploit the eSports fanbases are around 160B per year, which is a crazy amount to think of. Just imagine what would happen if all those funds could end up with the people who provide the value to the market.

All of the people who indeed deserve that money and run legitimate eSports businesses would be able to reinvest it and significantly improve their services and consequently the whole market.  It’s unbelievable how much all of us enjoying eSports tournaments could benefit from it, and hopefully, this issue will once be just an unpleasant memory.


In addition to all of the above, VeraEsports has announced that it sees a valuable partner in Riot Games and that their cooperation will not be limited to these events only. The whole year of 2022 will be dedicated to further developing their successful bond. Furthermore, VeraEsports just stated that it will continue its cooperation with Axie Infinity, an NFT-based game, for the Galaxie Cup 2022.

There are definitely big things waiting ahead in the future of this VeraEsports, considering the huge names they were able to bring in as their partners.