Valorant – Shopify Rebels Qualify For The GCC Finals

In back-to-back games of the lower bracket of the VCT #GameChangersChampionship, #ShopifyRebellion shocked both #Cloud9 White and #Liquid Brazil, setting up the NA prospects for a showdown with #EMEA powerhouse #G2Gozen in the championship match.

Shopify will have to compete without their coach Rob #robwiz Kennedy on stage with them, though, since he has been punished for flipping the bird at C9 White at the end of their match by being suspended and fined.

Their Journey So Far

In the Game Changers tournament during the past year, the two teams have been longtime rivals, with C9 White consistently taking the victory save in one set. The two teams had exchanged a lot of derogatory remarks about one another in press conferences, online, and even on stage.

During their current run, they managed to eliminate a deadly X10 Sapphire squad, overcome their longtime NA rivals in C9 once again, and then unexpectedly defeat Team Liquid Brazil in a revenge match in the upper bracket.

This Game Changers tournament has been a breakthrough event for Diana #Sonder Zhang; she is fourth among all players in ACS and ADR. In actuality, three different Shopify users rank in the top 10 in ACS.

Their rapid rise, capped by a stunning Saturday that saw back-to-back victories over C9 and Liquid, puts them in direct competition with the G2 EMEA queens who appear to be unbeatable. Coincidentally, G2’s path to the championship round also included X10, C9, and Liquid, though only in the upper bracket and with just one map forfeited to C9.

The Suspension for Their Coach

Coach robwiz gave the C9 White players and staff the middle finger after Shopify defeated C9 White. This gesture was captured on camera and circulated on social media.

After the victory, robwiz tweeted that “nothing in life could offer me greater pleasure than eradicating those crap talkers,” but he afterwards apologized for his action, explaining that he had been overcome by passion and that the “heat of the moment got the best of me.”

Additionally, Robwiz was penalized, and he was forewarned that any future infractions of rule 7.12, which mandates that coaches “observe the highest standard of personal integrity and good sportsmanship at all times,” would result in harsher punishments, would also be punished. Many VCT experts contend that while the suspension is severe, the fine is appropriate. These experts include EG’s BcJ and Sentinels’ dephh.

On Sunday, Nov. 20, at 10am CT, the best-of-five grand final between Shopify Rebellion and G2 Gozen will take place. The squad, unfortunately, won’t have their suspended coach advising them during the game.

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