Ukraine war brings FunPlus Phönix team problems

The war in Ukraine is not only affecting traditional sports. eSports teams and betting providers are also affected. The FunPlus Phönix Clan has probably been hit the hardest. The team has to do without ingame leader Kyryll “ANGE1” Karasyov until further notice. We have compiled all relevant facts concerning the Ukrainian.

Kyryll “ANGE1” Karasyov on the run

Kyryll “ANGE1” Karasyov is a Ukrainian. The 32-year-old is one of the best Valorant professionals in the world. Karasyov actually lives in Kiev. Immediately after the outbreak of war, the professional expressed himself once again via Twitter. “Today most Ukrainians, including me, woke up because of explosions, and I don’t want anyone to ever experience this. I am very proud of our army, our government and our people. We managed to stay calm and fight back. I have no idea how it will end, but we should stay united,” said “ANGE1”. It is considered certain that Kyryll Karasyov has now left the Ukrainian capital.

The latest information says that he spent several days in a bunker. Therefore, professional Valorant performances with FunPlus Phönix Team are logically out of the question. The captain is out of action for an indefinite period.

Replacement found in Poland for the time being

The FunPlus Phönix Clan has nevertheless played in the past days. Replacement has found the team for the time being in Poland. “ANGE1” will be replaced by Kamil “baddyG” Graniczka until further notice. The Pole is to deputize for the Ukrainian and at the same time take on his game-determining role. It has been shown that “baddyG” definitely brings a certain quality, but cannot really be compared with “ANGE1”. The future will show whether Graniczka is indeed the desired alternative solution.

Swedish head coach on the current situation

FunPlus Phönix Clan is the only team in the Valorant Series where a Ukrainian plays. Therefore, the team is affected like no other clan. According to Erik “d00mbr0s” Sandgren, the Swedish head coach, FunPlus Phönix has not had a regular training session with Kyryll Karasyov since the war broke out. The Swedish coach stressed that, of course, there is no working Internet connection in the shelter and priorities have to be set differently anyway. Of course, they try to help, but Sandgren and the other team members have their hands tied. According to the Swede, all they can really do is wait and watch the situation.

No contact with other clans

By the way, there has been no contact with other organizations – such as the Ukrainian Team Navi. Erik Sandgren said that he did not know what was going on there. Rather, he said, he was in touch with the Valorant Series organizer, Riot Games, to resolve the complicated, sporting situation.

Players’ agency fights for continued payment of wages for “ANGE1

One issue seems to have been resolved, at least for now. Wage payments to Kyryll Karasyov will continue even though he is not playing. The Chinese owners of FunPlus Phönix had originally stated that payments would be suspended. However, after the intervention of the players’ agency “Prodigy Agency”, the clan bosses backed down. Jérôme Coupez, head of the Prodigy Agency, has made FPX rethink. Regardless of the game status, the money will continue to flow to the Ukrainian pro. However, when and how “ANGE1” will appear on the playing field again is absolutely open.