A man on the Fallacy women’s team?

The Valorant women’s team Fallacy is currently facing tough allegations. The women’s clan is said to have cheated.

But instead of a player, her boyfriend is said to have sat behind the computer and led the team to success. We have the info.

Incident in Astra Clash event

The incident is said to have happened in the Astra Clash tournament between July 22 and 24, which was considered the Last Chance for the LAN tournament in California. Team Fallacy won the event and thus won the trip to the offline highlight, but now comes into negative light.

The accused gamer is Mars. The professional gamer lives with Payen, who is active on Team Solid Rooster. Payen has already played some high-class games. At the Astra Clash, Payen allegedly played using Mars’ online access.

Team Fallacy

Team Fallacy usually plays with the following roosters:

Evidence of cheating

The Valorant community has collected numerous “proofs” of cheating and made them available in a public Google document. The game patterns of Mars – compared to previous games of the eSportswoman – were actually deviant.

For example, it points out a 1v5 situation where Mars draws an ace, but doesn’t speak up once in the game phase, which is absolutely uncharacteristic when winning.

Furthermore, it is mentioned that Mars normally plays the keybinds with “F”, while her friend Payen plays on “C”. However, in Fallacy’s decisive tournament match, the keybind was now played with “C”.

Another indication is that Payen played together with Team Fallacy the day before the match.

The reaction of “Mars” and of Riot Games

Mars herself has not yet commented on the allegations made. The player has shut down her Twitter account as a result of the allegations. There has been no clarification or rejection of the cheating allegations. There are certainly members of the Valorant community who take this point as an admission of guilt. However, it may also be that Mars is simply annoyed by the accusations from the community.

The fact is that Team Fallacy has also not gone public so far. The Riot Games, as the organizer of the Astra Clash event, has said just as little.

Threatening severe penalties

Cheating in the form described is considered an elementary violation of the rules of the game in the eSports world. If the accusations prove true, Mars and Payen will certainly be banned from professional gaming. The careers of both gamers could be over.

Experts’ assessment

We asked around a bit and asked several experts of the Valorant scene. The unanimous opinion of the top gamers is: yes, the circumstantial evidence suggests that Payen might have gambled. However, the “evidence” presented from the community is unlikely to be enough to convict Mars and Payen of cheating. A consequence is rather not expected.

From our point of view, the current accusation brings a weak point of eSports to light. There are indeed opportunities for fraud in online games. It’s easy to let a friend play for you if he simply knows his trade better.

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