100 Thieves Destroy FaZe Clan, Will Face Team Guard Next At NA VCT LCQ Showdown

It doesn’t matter that 100 Thieves lost to FaZe prior in the 2022 NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier, 100T extended their excellent run through the lower bracket by avenging their loss and establishing total dominance over their rivals.

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With a 3-0 victory over FaZe, 100T secured a coveted position in the LCQ grand finals and is now just one victory away from becoming VCT Champions. This squad, which players have been keenly watching for potential since their Stage Two Challengers debut, now moves on to face The Guard, bringing together two organizations that have conquered their sides of the bracket.

The Match Recap

FaZe took an early lead after the pistol round on 100T’s choice of Icebox, and POISED attempted to give his side a head start with a one-vs-two tight retake during the 1st full-buy round. In a swift retort, 100T took advantage of FaZe’s team-wide site switches and provided a plethora of data to the team trying a miracle comeback from the lower bracket to reach the championship match.

As FaZe managed to put pressure on them until the very final round, 100T requested a timeout to reorganize at 9-9. After this break, Asuna and Bang seemed to regain their momentum, forming a team that continued to surprise the FaZe members with pinpoint accuracy. This chemistry worked well because 100T won the opening map 13-10.

In order to ensure they had complete control as early as in the pistol round, FaZe decided to bring the game to Breeze for map two. They did this by introducing a Jett and Cypher duo. By responding 100T at B site in the first half, FaZe managed to keep the scores close between the two sides. However, it was Asuna who, with a crucial Classic right-click, increased 100T’s lead while diverting FaZe’s attention.

Sites that FaZe tried to penetrate as a group were unsuccessful, leaving them completely open for the players of 100T to wait inside. With a clean half, Flyuh prevented 100T from tearing through FaZe and gave his team some breathing room, but FaZe just couldn’t get going in the second. Derrek and Will secured Breeze by a score of 13-6, ensuring that 100T would advance to game point with a two-vs-three edge against A site.

By the time the series’ decisive half arrived, 100T only needed three more rounds to win. FaZe thoroughly observed almost every area of the map, and 100T once more seemed to be in their opponents’ thoughts. FaZe’s final timeout at the 100T match point could not help them change their fortune, and a crushing 13-3 defeat put an end to their LCQ journey.

The Conclusion

With a spot in VCT Champions 2022 on the line, 100T are now moving on to the North American LCQ grand finals. However, just to get there, they’ll have to defeat The Guard, a squad that they have evaded throughout their LCQ run but that has a similar sense of the significance of the final series.

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