Call of Duty – Tommey No Longer a Part of 100 Thieves

The highest-paid Call of Duty: Warzone pro, Tommey, has left 100 Thieves, the squad revealed through their Twitter account.

Although there is probably no other explanation for the departure than the two parties’ contract expiring, the team did not provide one. Tommey is now free to sign with other companies or carry on his popular Twitch stream independently.

Tommey’s Road So Far

After serving as a stand-in for the Dallas Empire for a while, Tommey signed with 100 Thieves, where he enjoyed an eventful period. He signed with 100T as its first Warzone pro in November 2020 after quitting the Empire, but soon after that, in February 2021, he was inadvertently banned from Twitch.

Following some initial misunderstanding on the ban, which was purportedly for “publishing non-sensitive personal information on VOD,” Twitch contacted Tommey the following day to advise him the ban was erroneously imposed and to announce that the suspension had been lifted.

Then, in June 2021, TimTheTatMan selected him first overall in the World Series of Warzone draft. Tommey’s team eventually came in ninth place overall in that competition. Additionally, he was criticized for his live streaming in which he sought out and presented evidence of player cheating.

What is next for Tommey?

After a successful pro CoD career in the CoD World League, CoD League, and other competitions, the English FPS star transitioned to content development. His Warzone victories alone have brought in well over $400,000 for him. Fans of CoD and Tommey will now have to wait to find out what the former streamer and professional will be doing next.

It will be interesting to see if he will continue his gaming career, or dedicate himself to other things, like content creation. The impact Tommey had during his playing career will remain huge within the gaming community, which could mean that we might see him as a successful coach in the years to come.

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