The month of new sponsorship contracts

The new eSports year 2022 is slowly getting going. However, there have not been any really important tournaments in the first weeks of the year. However, several player clans and teams have used January to sign new sponsorship contracts for the coming months or to extend existing partnerships. We have compiled the most important deals for you below.

Team Vitality and adidas

The French eSports clan Team Vitality has teamed up with adidas. The French will enter a semi-professional team in the League of Legends Open Tour 2022, under the name Yellow Stripes. Adidas will not only be responsible for the team’s equipment, but will also provide the players with a professional mentor. This should also have an impact on the upcoming betting odds.

FlyQuest and MasterCard

The American e-sports clan FlyQuest has made MasterCard its official financial partner. FlyQuest will play the 2022 League of Legends LCS season.

LEC and Kia

Sponsorships are of course also available in the area of event organizers. The LEC – the League of Legends European Championship – has extended its partnership with car manufacturer Kia. The brand acts as the league’s Main Automotive Partner. This marks the fourth consecutive year that Kia has been on board with the LEC.

G2 Esports and Kingston Fury

New is the cooperation between the European eSports association G2 Esports and Kingston Fury. The hardware company will not only act as a supporter. Kingston Fury will simultaneously supply the complete game storage capacities for G2 Esports.

BIG and Philips OneBlade

Whether the German eSports team from BIG (Berlin International Gaming) will achieve the desired sporting success in 2022 remains to be seen. But the players will certainly cause a stir at the tournaments. BIG has entered into a partnership with the fashion label Philips OneBlade. In addition to financial sponsorship, Philips OneBlade will be responsible for the complete men’s styling equipment. BIG will be on the road with its top team in League of Legends.

Fnatic and L’Oréal Men Expert

European eSports organization Fnatic has partnered with beauty and personal care brand L’Oréal Men Expert. The deal includes that both partners will drive joint product and promotional activities.

KRC Genk eSports and Razer

Belgian players from KRC Genk eSports, part of the well-known soccer club, have inked a sponsorship deal with gaming peripheral brand Razer. KRC Genk eSports will exclusively use Razer products in training and competitive matches in 2022. This includes audio and broadcast equipment, console products, systems and chairs.

Faceit and Kaspersky

Tournament organizer Faceit, which specializes primarily in events for recreational gamers, has announced a partnership with Internet security company Kaspersky. The cooperation is limited to Germany and Russia. Users who buy Kaspersky security products can benefit from Faceit subscriptions and points in parallel.

Guild Esports and Bitstamp

A financial mega-deal over three years has been landed by the Brits from Guild Esports. They will collaborate with cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp, which will cost GPB 4.5 million for the commitment.

One Esports and Samsung

One Esports has entered into a multi-year cooperation with Samsung. The electronics company will develop an exclusive One Esports app for Southeast Asia in the coming months, among other things.

Godsent and GB Batteries

The Swedes of Godsent have entered into a long-term contract with battery manufacturer GB Batteries. As part of the sponsorship, the head office in Malmö will be renamed GP Godsent Gaming Center.