Team Reignite Conquers Stockholm As They Win ALGS Split 2 Playoffs

Team Reignite won the “Apex Legends Global Series Split Two Playoffs” last weekend in a seven-game epic matchup against the rest of the field and a substitution imposed upon them because of COVID.

On the last day of the Stockholm event, the team’s fighting prowess and consistent positions triumphed, and the APAC South team was awarded the $250,000 main prize. Apex Legends is a game similar to Fortnite.

The Event Recap

The first game was frag-heavy, with only four teams accounting for 43 of the lobby’s total kills. NRG and Team Liquid both started strong, comfortably taking fights. This self-assurance appeared to be their undoing in the ensuing stages. In 6th and 7th place, the teams were defeated by third parties. In the Split Two finals, Reignite continued APAC South’s excellent run, winning with 10 kills of their own.

Reignite slipped in for the win after Japanese squad Game. With appeared to be in the best situation in the lobby, cleaned up the pieces of Liquid and NRG, and took control of the lobby courtesy to the victory and the 4 advance beginning points the Aussies won in the winners’ bracket.

In the 2nd game of the finals, day two’s Cinderella story demonstrated South American team Elevate weren’t one-day wonders, as they won to move the team up the rankings.

The squad did an excellent job of defending their World’s Edge drop site, moving clear of the buildings in The Dome and establishing possession of high ground late in the game to score a comfortable victory for the lone South American squad in the finals. The win moved the team up to 4th position, while Reignite’s third-place finish and Liquid’s 11-kill game kept the squads in charge of the lobby. The results meant that both team Liquid and Reignite would start the 1st Storm Point game of the finals with the magic amount of 50 points in match point format within reach.

Because of its extreme elevation and placement in the far northwestern portion of the map, Lightning Rod is the most challenging rotation on Storm Point for all players in the lobby. OpTic exploited their Valkyrie abilities to perfection, regularly choosing safe places to land and remaining remarkably calm in the final zones, despite having one of the longest routes from their drop point at The Mill to Lightning Rod. The game enabled the North American squad, as well as GameWith, to reduce the deficit on the rankings.

TSM, on the other hand, would ensure that the esport games did not finish prematurely, making a statement in the 4th game by defeating OpTic.

The Conclusion

Despite the absence of star Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose due to COVID-19, Reignite won the championship thanks to some incredible combat and some of the greatest Kraber shots in the history from IGL Rhys “Zer0” Perry. Zer0 was named tournament MVP for his calls and shots, which was fitting.

The squad, led by Gibraltar’s Rick “Sharky” Wirth and emergency substitution Jake “Jmw” Walters, maintained consistently around the top of the finals table, demonstrating both their usefulness as a unit and the region’s strength.

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