StarCraft II – Preparing for Katowice 2023

Just like usual, we bring you some of the most interesting news from the world of esports. In this article, we will cover the upcoming events related to StarCraft II, so in case you want to be a part of the audience or even do some online betting, your schedule is on point.

Esports events are always about bringing the best possible competition for the fans to enjoy, and that was exactly the theme behind the creation of the ESL Pro Tour. The initial plan for it was to become something like an esports Super Bowl, and it seems they are on a good path, considering that besides StarCraft II, esports giants like CSGO and Warcraft III also have ESL Pro Tours of their own.

StarCraft II ESL Pro Tour 2022-2023

First, let's understand what ESL Pro Tour really is and how it works so you don't have any confusion when deciding which bets to place.

ESL Pro Tour is a tournament circuit that brings together two of the biggest events – DreamHack and ESL.

Players from all over the world now have the chance to participate in the biggest competitions on the SC2 calendar, thanks to the ecosystem's open design. In order to qualify for the EPT Championship at the end of the yearly season, which crowns the official World Champion, players compete and collect ESL Pro Tour points throughout the year. These points determine their place within the ESL Pro Tour Race.

Seven global regions like North America, Europe, Asia, and others will host the regional tournaments that will culminate into one big final event – Katowice 2023. But, since there is a long way to go until they start, your primary concern is the ones that are approaching and where you'll be able to use your gaming knowledge for money-making purposes.

There are still two big events before we prepare for the final Katowice 2023 throwdown in February, and they bring so many opportunities along with them. Bear in mind that although the Katowice event is without a doubt the largest in terms of popularity, the events that come before it could serve as a great indicator of players' form, so you should make sure not to miss them.

DH Masters Atlanta 2022

North America will host this year's master tournament from the 18th of November until the 20th of November 2022, in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, World Congress Center, where 64 players will gather and compete for the prize pool of $100,000.

Once again, the huge prize pool will attract only the best of the best, so the level of competition is going to be insane. Keep in mind that there is a lot of time until November, so there's plenty of room to upgrade your knowledge and master your betting expertise for one of the biggest SC2 events of the whole year.

HomeStory Cup XII

The last event before the big finals will be held in Germany, the city of Krefeld, from the 15th – the 18th of December, giving us a wrap of the year 2022 and preparing us for the main thing. The prize pool and arena are yet to be announced.

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