StarCraft II League 2022 – Top 3 Betting Favorites

AfreecaTV and ESL are the organizers of the Global StarCraft II League, which began on August 22 and will end on October 13. The prize pool for the Global StarCraft II League champion is substantial—$123,000.

This is fantastic news for anyone placing wagers on the Global StarCraft II League championship odds, which now have Maru (+137) and herO (+150) as the two clear favorites, but also include Cure (+1000), Bunny (+1400), and ByuN (+1400) as potential victors if the two favorites falter.

The Tournament Structure

There are five groups of four players to begin the format. The top two finishers in each group advance, leaving us with 10 competitors. After that, the 10 participants are split into two groups. The top two finishers advance to the playoff semifinals.

The bottom two finishers in each of these groups will be eliminated, while the players who placed second and third will move on to a round of six. This blatantly implies that a team’s odds will be influenced by where they place in the groups. The finals will be a best-of-seven match, while the semifinals will be a best-of-five contest to ensure that the best team prevails. Matches before that will be best-of-three.

The competition features the top StarCraft II esports players from all over the world, and things are off to a tremendous start.

Now that you’re up to speed with Starcraft 2 betting, let’s take a closer look at the occasion.

The Global StarCraft II League Title Favorites Odds

Maru (2.37)

Maru, who finished second last time and is desperate to win this time, is the favorite to win the Global StarCraft II League title. Maru, an Onsyde Gaming athlete, has previously won the GSL four times. Additionally, he has won the G5L championship before.

He’s already a legend in this tournament, and in matches like this, experience is precious. Although some supporters might worry that he’s a little rusty, it’s difficult to imagine him not giving his best performances in a competition like this. He has the expertise, has seen it all before, and has the best chances, as it should be.

herO (2.50)

Maru and herO are not far apart, yet according to the Global Starcraft II league title chances, Maru is still in second place. He is from Dragon Phoenix Gaming and is the first Protoss player to win the GSL.

He recently lost to sOs at IEM Taipei, and he’ll be looking to avenge that defeat. There is no questioning his pedigree, but the fact that he lost to sOs in the semifinals is likely the reason he isn’t at the top of the odds list.

Cure (11.00)

Cure just defeated Dark and Solar, among others, and will be trying to use that momentum on his side to take on Maru and herO, although the odds of really winning it all remain incredibly slim.

Terran vs Teran might be his greatest opportunity, as far as matchups go, if he is to have any chance of defeating Maru. Cure has participated in some of the most exciting games this time around, but ultimately winning it all doesn’t mean anything.

The Conclusion

HerO and Maru might face off in the championship. Despite how much viewers would desire a new star to join the show, Maru has a history of routinely defeating some of these players, and it’s difficult to see that changing in this tournament.

The G5L curse that has prevented Maru from winning throughout the years may hold some meaning for superstitious fans. That can also catch him off guard. HerO is not under such a curse, making him possibly the best option. He also gets somewhat better odds, which should make him the more alluring option out of the two established players.

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