StarCraft II – 4 Tips From A Professional Player

StarCraft II is the title that does not need much introduction. The game that took over our hearts long ago has earned its spot among the all-time greats. But, when we talk about greatness, we also want to learn how to get to it, and if there are secret steps to reach it.

Today we are showing you some of the tips shared by a professional StarCraft II player – Geof “iNcontrol” Robinson – former Cyber Games World Champion, who made quite an amazing run in the esports world.

“Depending on the race you’re in, you must be learn about specific macro mechanic in Starcraft 2”.

It is crucial for Terrans to feel at ease with Orbital Command-related decisions. When do I let a mule loose? What time do I scan? When should I call down supplies? With the exception of times when you require detection or a scan to determine your opponent’s potential plan, it is generally safe to call down mules at all times.

“You must use chrono-boost as a protoss. It’s crucial to apply this to upgrades, Colossus, Immortals, and other troops that take a while to build. They would also be prioritized by me in that order.

Last but not least, never skip a larvae injection, Zergs! Your hatcheries should always have eggs hatching. Start using creep tumors to spread creep once your queens have received two to three injections at the start of the game.

You will succeed if you concentrate on these macro mechanics and merely adhere to the model that was previously explained.

Protoss advice

Work aggressively on warp gate-oriented builds when playing Protoss vs. Protoss. Making three to four gates and applying pressure on your adversary till they crumble is extremely common, thus you should adjust to it.

“The colossus is frequently at the center of protoss vs. terran battles. You will be successful if you build these towering monstrosities and protect them with sentries, zealots, and stalkers.

“It’s crucial to monitor the Zerg in Protoss vs. Zerg. Keep an eye on their tactics and don’t let ‘lings inside your base. Mutas are significantly dissimilar to roaches or hydras.”

Terran advice

You want to use marauders frequently and early in Terran vs. Protoss. Join those troops with marines and medivacs after upgrading them with concussive shells and stimpacks to increase their effectiveness.

“You should concentrate on vikings and tanks in Terran vs. Terran. Spend your extra resources on expansions, medivacs, marauders, and turrets as well as other static defenses. The vikings serve as both an attempt to establish air superiority and superb spotters for the incredibly well-ranged tanks.

The main difference between Terran against. Protoss and Terran vs. Zerg is that you should eventually create tanks in addition to your army of marines, marauders, and medivacs.

Zerg advice

The main bloodbath in Zerg vs. Zerg is between zerglings and banelings! In order to outnumber your opponents’ zerglings, try to get your banelings to explode on their drones or kill several of them.

Zerg vsTerran might take any form – roaches, mutalisks, hydra, infesters, etc. But be sure to include banelings in every army! They are strong anti-infantry units and quickly decimate the Terran composition, which is primarily comprised of infantry.

In Zerg versus. Protoss, the goal is to keep your Protoss opponent at least one base behind you. Banelings are less useful in this situation, so attempt to concentrate on roaches, hydras, and zerglings while securing a larger economy. You must create corruptors if your opponent goes colossus; otherwise, things will be very difficult for you!

The Conclusion

There you have it – some of the most important tips from the mind of a professional esports player. Hopefully you can use them in your favor, and surprise all of your StarCraft 2 friends by the new skillset acquired.

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