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StarCraft 2 – Legacy of The Void gameplay

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StarCraft 2 – Legacy of the Void

The space saga reaches its final act with “Legacy of the Void”. But there’s no sign of aging: “StarCraft” reinvents itself once again at the end of its successful odyssey.

The conclusion of the “StarCraft 2” trilogy offers with “Legacy of the Void” the hoped-for grand finale with a campaign that gives an epic story a more than worthy final chord despite the sweat. The fact that this title has one of the most complex and popular multiplayers on board on top of that is almost taken for granted. The real achievement is how accurately Blizzard adapts it to the zeitgeist without bending. On top of that, the studio adds two completely new modes, whose potential unfortunately hasn’t been fully exploited. In a series of groundbreaking spin-offs, “Legacy of the Void” is perhaps no longer the dewiest, but in any case the most complete of all “StarCraft” titles.


Thrillingly staged finale of the campaign
Great mission design
Contemporary adaptations in multiplayer
Suitable new units


Half-hearted new game modes
Some missions are very similar
Too theatrical dialogues

StarCraft 2” is a permanent fixture on most gaming PCs. For 17 long years, it has set the standard in the genre of real-time strategy with visually stunning stories and challenging multiplayer battles. It has helped eSports out of its infancy and made many players millionaires. With “StarCraft 2 – Legacy of the Void”, this successful odyssey is now coming to an end, because part number three is supposed to be the final part of the star saga. How can you, as an inclined gamer, not get sentimental? And above all: How can you rate such a luminary? Hasn’t everything been said about this game?

As good as never before

In any case, one thing stands out immediately: Developer Blizzard never tires of experimenting after all these years. The development from “Wings of Liberty” (2010) to “Heart of the Swarm” (2012) and now “Legacy of the Void” (2015) is remarkable. The tinkerers have consistently modified the incredibly sensitive gears of the strategy title and never rested on old laurels. The reward: Today, “StarCraft 2” presents itself as convincing as never before with its Protoss finale. Competitive games are faster and more contemporary. The virgin co-op mode opens up a completely new gaming horizon. And the solo campaign not only holds up, but surpasses the high level of the two predecessors in places.


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