5 Top Players of StarCraft II

StarCraft II was first released back in 1998, and it soon gained enormous popularity. It quickly gave rise to an entire universe, and millions of followers all over the world flocked to it.

Today we are presenting you with 5 Top Players of StarCraft II you can learn a lot from and whose gameplay can help you improve your StarCraft II skills.

5. INnoVation

His real name is Lee Shin-hyung (born July 25th, 1993) is a Korean StarCraft player. He was one of the youngest players in StarCraft history when he first gained notoriety. But INnoVation didn’t start winning games until StarCraft II came around.

In 2013, he finally became a champion, after his finals loss he sought revenge at the 2013 WCS Season 1 Global Finals, beating sOs 4-0 in the finals, he earned him the #1 rank on TL.net’s Power Rank for July 2013.

INnoVation joined the Korean army in 2021 and is required to serve there for a minimum of 18 months.

4. Flash

Lee Flash Young Ho (born July 5th, 1992) used to be a StarCraft II programmer from South Korea. He started his career in 2007. Being drafted by Pantech and Curitel, he came on to the scene as one of the youngest programmers to be televised at just 14 years old.

He also became the youngest champion ever just a year later, defeating top players such as Jaedong and Bisu along the way.

Flash retired some time ago, but he is still regarded as one of the greatest StarCraft players of all time.

3. MVP

Jung Mvp Jong-hyun (born February 12, 1991) was a Korean Terran player. He is a four-time GSL champion. His career started in October 2010 when he co-founded team Incredible Miracle. Just four months later, he claimed victory at the January 2011 GSL, becoming the first Terran player to win the tournament.

Mvp is one of the three players who has earned more than $300,000 in prize money in the StarCraft II era. He also participated in and helped build some of the most illustrious StarCraft organizations throughout his career. His unmatched impact on the game is severely missed today.

2. Maru

Cho Maru Seong-ju (born July 28, 1997) is a Korean Terran player who is currently playing for Onsyde Gaming.

He made his debut in 2010, at the TG Sambo Intel Open Season 1, where he advanced to Ro32 where he lost 2-0 to San. He is well known for being the youngest GSL player of all time, winning his first televised game at the age of 13. Maru claimed all three Global StarCraft championships in 2018.

Maru is widely regarded as the greatest StarCraft player of all time, according to many. He also ranks among the greatest earnings in StarCraft, having a total of $940,000 in StarCraft earnings. His fortune in has been a little less than stellar throughout 2021, and he hasn’t yet won a major championship this year.

1. Rogue

Starcraft 2 Rogue
Image: Rogue (Liquipedia.net).

Lee Rogue Byeong-yeol (born January 13, 1994) is a Korean Zerg player who is currently playing for Dragon Phoenix Gaming.

Rogue started his career back in 2012, when he participated in OSL keSPA Preliminaries.
In 2015, Rogue maintained remarkably consistent results in Korea, making Ro8 in 3GLSs and 2 SLSs, but was eliminated in Ro8 each time. He finished the year with a semi-final finish at the 2015 WCS Global Final, losing to eventual champion and teammate sOs.

His prime began in 2017. Since then, he has claimed eight Premier triumphs, two Major victories, and more then forty minor victories. His most recent and most memorable achievement was a significant victory at the IEM Katowice competition in 2020.

Rogue was ranked as the StarCraft franchise’s top earning as of 2021. He had earned approximately $1 million in total winnings from his StarCraft II triumphs. He is without a doubt one of the greatest StarCraft players of all time and undoubtedly the most successful. His popularity among StarCraft betting sites is undeniable.

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