Skyesports: Roadmap for 2022 tournaments published

Skyesports has created a very solid player base in 2021. The Indian company is one of the most renowned eSports organizers in its home country as well as in Southeast Asia by now. With a total of 280,000 active users, the company has a very good player base to fall back on, which at the same time makes it possible to raise the prize money for the upcoming events.

Skyesports: These games are offered

According to our experience, Skyesports does not specialize in one eSports discipline, but hosts tournaments for different games, specifically:

The first highlight of the year is already in full swing

By the way, the first top tournament of the roadmap is already in full swing. This month and in March Skyesports Grand Slam S1 will be played. The Valorant tournament is still flanked by games in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

The complete Skyesports Roadmap at a glance

Below we have compiled the complete Skyesports Roadmap for you.

  • Skyesports Grand Slam S1 in February and March
  • Skyesports Pro League in March and April
  • Skyesports League 2022 in April and May
  • Skyesports Championship 4.0 from August to October
  • Real Cricket Championship in September and October
  • Skyesports Grand Slam S2 in October
  • Skyesports Mobile Open in November and December

We do not want to forget that in 2022, in addition to the above-mentioned tournaments, the organizer will also launch the Skyesports Tri-Series, which was canceled last year in Dubai due to corona.

Top event of the year at the end

If you take a close look at the roadmap, you’ll see it. The top event will be played in November and in December. The Skyesports Mobile Open will be held for the second time. The total prize money is around 100,000 dollars.

The current Grand Slam is also worth a look. The prize money for the players is 40,000 dollars.

The official statement from Skyesports about the roadmap

Shiva Nandy, CEO of Skyesports has taken the release of the roadmap as an opportunity to look a little ahead.

“We couldn’t be more excited to share the roadmap for 2022 as we look forward to another remarkable year for Skyesports. The stakes will be significantly higher as prize pools are increased across the board and returns to LAN events. We will also be setting our foot in more regions as Skyesports continues to set a benchmark for the eSports industry,” Nandy said in the official Skyesports statement.

The expansion was launched in 2021

You don’t have to be an eSports prophet to believe that the road to success from the organizer will continue in the coming months. It is clear that 2022 will be Skyesports’ record year. The company’s user numbers and, consequently, its revenue figures will increase. It is expected that the company will no longer limit itself to India and Southeast Asia, but will expand on an even larger scale.

The foundation for further business expansion was already laid in the previous year. In August 2021, digital entertainment and technology company JetSynthesys acquired 65 percent of the eSports organizer. The acquisition had been hinted at in the various financing rounds. Skyesports was looking for new investors and has been working strategically with JetSynthesys for some time.