The Start Of Autumn Signals The Return of Rocket League Championship Series

New information on the Rocket League Championship Series’s October comeback was released by Psyonix. The format is largely the same as it was the previous year, notwithstanding some changes.

There is plenty of new information about on the Rocket League Championship Series, so we’ve included a brief excerpt of it below. There is a plan in place to return the Majors and World Championship to being a live event in front of a crowd, although there’s currently no information available regarding the location of that.

Practical Changes

The old APAC-N and APAC-S Regions will be combined into a single APAC RLCS Region, and the maximum number of points a team can accumulate over a season will be reduced. These are the primary changes for the 2022–23 season.

Beginning on October 7th, the Psyonix will begin airing events, starting with the regionals for North America, the Middle East and North Africa, and Asia Pacific. The registration period for RLCS 2022–23 will open on Thursday, September 22, at 10 a.m. PT if you want to participate in the competition the following year.

The RLCS 2021–22 Season set a new record for attendance and was the largest one so far in terms of financial success. For the RLCS 2022–23 Season, refining and providing players and fans with stability from year to year are the name of the game. Check out what stayed the same alonside some of the additions:

  • The season is split into three segments: fall, winter, and spring;
  • There are three Regional Events for each Split. Open, Cup, and Invitational are the recognized names for regional events (Example: Fall Open, Fall Cup, and Fall Invitational);
  • The 16 open spots in the Fall Open will be filled by fully Open Qualifiers;
  • The top eight in overall points will automatically qualify for the Winter and Spring Opens, leaving eight spots open for Open Qualifiers to fill;
  • Eight clubs will qualify for each Cup based on overall season points, and another eight teams will qualify through open qualifiers;
  • The 16 teams with the most RLCS points from each region will compete in each Invitational.
  • An in-person, 16-team International Major concludes each Split;
  • The format varies for each Split;
  • To qualify for the Rocket League World Championship, teams must gain points at regional competitions and international majors;
  • Point system has been changed in terms of new low totals;
  • The Asia-Pacific (APAC) RLCS Region now includes both the Asia-Pacific North and South;

A 16-team Swiss Stage will feed into an eight-team Single-Elimination Bracket during the Fall Split. Four groups of four compete against one another in a Round-Robin Group Stage for the Winter Split in an effort to advance to the 12-team, Single-Elimination Bracket.

Teams compete in a 16-team, double-elimination bracket during the spring split. Format and qualification for the Rocket League World Championship are unaltered (APAC will still have two slots, but qualify from a single Regional League).

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