Rocket League – Oxygen Esports Make a Statement at EU Fall Open

Oxygen Esports are the winners of the European Fall Open after 40 thrilling series! In the Grand Finals, they defeated the French superteam Karmine Corp by rallying from a 2-1 deficit to triumph 4-2 overall.

Oxygen Esports outscored Karmine Corp 11-2 in their final three victories to wrap out the series, neutralizing the French players to win the championship. Archie #archie Pickthall, Joris #Joreuz, and Ole #Oaly van Doorn accomplished a remarkable accomplishment by being the first majority-Dutch roster to ever win an RLCS competition.

The Quick Recap

Joreuz was very effective, recording a 1.207 Octane Rating and 1.00 goals per game, the only player in the whole competition to do so. Additionally, he averaged 4.23 shots per game, which was the most of any player, and converted those baskets at a 23.66% clip to lead his club in shooting percentage.

The Dutch superstar, who has long been recognized as one of the game’s most talented players, seems to have found two partners who can help him reach his full potential.

Gamers First was closely matched by Oxygen Esports, who defeated them in six games to win the first round of the playoffs. Both teams look poised to compete throughout the entire season. Following their victory over Quadrant in the quarterfinals, Oxygen Esports proceeded to defeat Team BDS in the semifinals, sweeping them in a seven-game series.

Axel #Vatira Touret, the current European MVP, and Karmine Corp defeated Mallo #Aztral Ernst and Moist Esports by a score of 4-1 on the other side of the bracket. Prior to this, Karmine Corp prevailed 4-1 over Tundra Esports in their quarterfinal encounter. The first El Splashico of this season saw Moist Esports defeat Team Liquid 4-2 to advance to the semifinals.

What’s Next?

All eight playoff teams are still in the running for a spot in Rotterdam for the Fall Major and have already qualified for the Fall Cup and Fall Invitational. The eight teams that were ousted in the Swiss Stage will compete in the Fall Cup’s Closed Qualifier as seeds, and they must win there to advance to Rotterdam.

Susquehanna Soniqs, Monkeys, and Aogiri all had records of 2-3, falling one match short of the Playoffs. For Aogiri, who started the Swiss Stage 2-0 before losing three straight series, the outcome was particularly challenging.

All three teams, Solary, Evil Geniuses, and Williams Resolve, finished 1-3 after making their fresh lineup debuts and picking up a single victory. Both Guild Esports and Endpoint CeX suffered to 0-3 finishes; to maintain their chances of competing in the Fall Major, they will need to put on very impressive performances in the Fall Cup.

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