RLCS Fall Cup Europe – Matchups You Should Not Miss

This week’s Fall Cup marks the return of the European RLCS, in which sixteen of the best players from the region compete for crucial RLCS points and possibly a spot in the Rotterdam Fall Major. Gen.G Mobil1 Racing secured its place at the Fall Major last week in North America, becoming the first team in the world to do so.

Oxygen Esports, the defending European champions, and Karmine Corp, the runner-up, can both qualify on their own this week. The two teams would be eligible for Rotterdam if they finished in the top two and won their respective regions.

RLCS Europe Fall Cup Round One

Turboclappers vs Oxygen Esports

The defending European Champions Oxygen Esports will attempt to secure their place in Rotterdam this Regional and will try to improve upon their previous performance, which saw them lose to Aogiri to begin their run. Following that series, they won six games in a row, going a total 21-5, to take the Fall Open.

Turboclappers, who advanced all the way from the Open Qualifier, will be their opponents in the first round. They won all five games of their series, including two games decided by one goal, to advance past the Closed Qualifier. They will be aiming for at least one victory to qualify for the Fall Invitational, or at the very least a tiebreaker for the competition.

Vitality vs Moist Esports

In their debut competition together, Moist Esports displayed strong play, making it to the semifinals before falling to Karmine Corp. They’ll be aiming to improve on that performance and make it to the Grand Finals for the first time this year. Depending on other outcomes, they might secure a spot in Rotterdam if they can accomplish it.

Team Vitality, who disappointingly failed to qualify for the Fall Open, will be their opponent when they play in the Fall Cup opener. Thiméo #saizen Corcuff has taken the place of Alexandre #Kaydop Courant on Team Vitality, who are attempting to recapture their previous dominance.

Solary vs BDS

As was previously mentioned, Team BDS will be seeking a strong outcome to make sure they don’t risk missing the Fall Major. They will begin their run in the Fall Cup against Solary, another all-French team who had a poor Fall Open finish of 1-3.

Kaydop, Victor #Fairy Peak! Locquet, and Thibault #Chausette45 Grzesiak, three seasoned RLCS players who all qualified for the Fall Major last year, make up Solary. An upset victory over the defending world champions would be a big step in the right direction for them to have any chance of making it to Rotterdam this season.

HEET vs Karmine Corp

Last time around, Karmine Corp ended 3-0 in the Swiss Stage. They are hoping for a similar performance to increase their chances of winning the competition and advancing to Rotterdam. Although the new three appeared to be in control during their first performance together, the system still had some bugs.

They have a comparable chance to any other team of winning the Fall Cup if they have figured those out during the last two weeks. HEET, an all-French team, qualified for the RLCS this season after defeating Williams Resolve in the fifth round.

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