Rocket League Championship Series Week 1 – FaZe Clan Starts Strong

The dust has finally cleared after a rollercoaster offseason that included the craziest rostermania in Rocket League history and two months off.

Team selection is complete, and the race for the next World Championship has started. Let’s analyze what happened in the regionals and the first round of qualifications this past weekend.

The FaZe Clan squad scored three top-four results at LAN events and two Regional victories in 2021–2022, making them the most consistent team in the whole Rocket League last year.

However, while having unique skill, their peaks weren’t as high as others thought they should be. Before they ever started a single game last year, both of their roster versions were granted the superteam moniker, but both fell short of the high standards set for them.

RLCS Week 1

Only Jason “Firstkiller” Corral, who was on the opening day roster in 2017, is still a part of the new FaZe. He’s been the player FaZe have wanted to build around ever since they made their esports debut last year, but the teams they’ve fielded have never seemed like a great match.

They didn’t appear to be reaching their full potential because of double commitments, misunderstandings, and a lack of clearly defined duties. The Fall Open introduced Nick “mist” Costello and gave coach Raul “Roll Dizz” Diaz a full summer to prepare for the season.

FaZe had an average but respectable Swiss performance, defeating three teams that would go on to qualify for the bracket but losing a set to G2 Esports. Only after they reached the playoffs did they appear to be completely in control. In the Grand Finals, they defeated Gen.G Mobil1 Racing in five games, destroyed the upstart Shopify Rebellion (more on them later), and spectacularly destroyed G2.

Although each of their rivals won games from them, FaZe never seemed to be losing control of the series. There were several video; Firstkiller put together the career montage for the majority of players in the G2 series by himself, and Caden “Sypical” Pellegrin performed one of the most bizarre double taps you’ll ever see. FaZe’s Sunday was extraordinary for a squad that often thrives on defeating subpar opponents and suffers against genuine contenders.

Mist’s unmatched defense is a great addition to FaZe since it allowed Sypical to transition into a supporting playmaker position that fits his playmaking flair. The worst thing the competition can hear is that Syp appeared to be his dominant SSG self throughout the weekend.

Additionally, the absence of duplicate playstyles allowed Firstkiller to return to his specialty of terrorizing enemy defenders with speed and mechanics while not interfering with the strengths of his teammates, unlike the previous edition with Firstkiller and Austin “AYYJAYY” Aebi. It took some time, but FaZe may have finally located the group they have been looking for.

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