Rocket League Championship Series – 2Piece Stands Out From The Crowd

Every RLCS season seems to start with a fresh group of talented players. Monkey M00n rose to become the undisputed top player in the world at the start of RLCS X, and Landon “BeastMode” Konerman warned North America with two teammates who had never experienced the heights they did with him by their side.

Last year, Daniel “Daniel” Piecenski lived up to the extremely high expectations placed on him when he entered the field for SSG. Enzo “Seikoo” Grondein led Endpoint to two Regional titles and became the first player to win Worlds in his rookie season.

The Quick Recap

Due to all the significant roster changes this year, there wasn’t as much talk about it, but it was still thrilling to speculate as to who will be the next player to ascend to the top tier of Rocket League esports.

Before discovering their newest star, North America had not even finished one tournament. Shopify Rebellion, who entered the season as the 17th seed, advanced to the playoffs and forced eventual champions FaZe to a six-game series. One person, Jayden “2Piece” Horton, was responsible for the abrupt improvement in performances following a disappointing performance in 2021–22.

When the competition began, 2Piece, who had been brought in to take the position of Daniel “jordan” Bholla and partner up with another rated demon Will “Paarth” Crews, appeared to be a legitimate top team.

Their ability to rely on Michael “Memory” Moss as a reliable third man and their ability to win with excellent victories over V1 and Rogue enabled them achieve their highest tournament finish since the BeastMode days.

As bigger organizations pay attention to their teams’ failures, keeping 2Piece (and Paarth, for that matter) will now be Rebellion’s main concern. One particular previous powerhouse that urgently needs a roster change comes to mind.

No matter how strong your team’s chemistry, rotations, and gameplan are, you still need a blatant superstar to win, thus teams will be lining up to snag him. You require a vatira, a yanxnz, or a firstkiller.

The Conclusion

2Piece can be a key player for Rebellion or whoever else decides to pay him more if he can show that his debut for the Rebellion wasn’t a fluke.

Considering that he is only at the beginning of his esports career, rising and staying at the top will require a lot of work, but there is no doubt that 2Piece is smart enough to use the momentum and establish himself as someone who belongs on the biggest Rocket League stage.

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