RLCS Week 4 Fall Split Biggest Takeaways

Let’s discuss what transpired after the second round of the Fall Cups is over and what it reveals about the teams that are getting closer to #Rotterdam.

#KarmineCorp & #Vatira Coming On Top

Official announcement that the 2021–22 KarmineCorp roster would be divided up was unexpected, perplexing, and unsettling. This was a squad that, on Championship Sunday, was just one win away from eliminating the global champions and had already proven in one split that they could compete with the best in Europe and the rest of the globe.

They were expected to keep improving, but they were never given the chance. Instead, the organization went for a full-French squad that had never worked together before and, while talented, could equally easily fail as well as succeed.

It is evident from two Regionals that KC’s restoration was worthwhile. Only Gen.G has demonstrated the same level of consistency as them; but, despite making two grand finals, they haven’t been able to win one as Karmine has. They have appeared to be the best team in Europe and possibly the entire world.

They meet all the criteria for a great team: you have your playmaking second option (Exotiik), your fill-the-gaps and space-creating third (Vatira), and your future best-in-the-world, carry-when-needed superstar (Vatira) (Itachi). Karmine Corp has done nothing but demonstrate that they are a reliable winning team over the first half of 2022–2023.

Karmine Corp’s resident superstar faced an equal amount of danger to join them as they did to leave last season’s team. Vatira’s decision to leave Moist was controversial since she was quitting a team that, thanks to one poor performance, had appeared to be the best in the world for six months.

And while Moist has so far had success with their new lineup, Vatira’s new team is carrying on the success of his previous group. He is a player of a generation who has the potential to become one of, if not the all-time best Rocket League player. It’s fun to see his professional development.

RelatingWave Still Going Strong

Unlikely but still possible, none of G2, FURIA, Optic, or BDS will be able to qualify for Rotterdam, leaving only two players to have participated in each of the five LAN tournaments since the conclusion of League Play in Season 9.

One of them is Firstkiller, who many people believe to be the best player to ever originate from North America. The other is RelatingWave, who is once again slated to contend for a significant championship despite frequently going unnoticed by pro scene spectators.

Even if two of the aforementioned teams make it, Wave will join a select club of players who, aside from him, all advanced to the Worlds semifinals. It’s evidence of his dependability. He has a talent for making people stronger with his defense and is one of the most dependable rotators in the world.

Alongside him, Metsanauris saw his career take off again, while Seikoo started the best rookie campaign in esports history. He is now assisting Kash and Eekso on Quadrant in achieving the heights we have always known they were capable of.

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