RLCS Fall Split Week 6 Takeaways – Pioneers & Vatira Steal the Show

The #RLCS Fall Split’s online part came to an end in what seemed like the blink of an eye. The stage is set for #Rotterdam, with a highly skilled and evenly distributed bunch that includes recognizable stars returning and new powerhouses rising.

Let’s discuss the last few days of the tournament and what they represent for the Major clubs that advanced, and the future of players that shined through them.

Pioneers Making Oceania Proud

The Pioneers were widely regarded as the top squad in the Oceanic area before to this season. Given the youth of the lineup and their ability to compete effectively against top teams from other regions, they were well-positioned for a Falcons-like dominance and to be the first serious contender to emerge from OCE in recent memory to make a long run at LAN. Technically speaking, Pioneers held the top slot heading into the Fall Major as the best team in the area. However, do they really?

That is a legitimate question; it is not intended to start a debate in favor of another club. That doesn’t imply that there isn’t room for debate. Despite having the top seed, PWR, the seasoned team that added Renegades star Fever in the offseason, and recovered from a shaky start to dominate the final two Regionals, completely outclassed Pioneers in back-to-back Regional finals.

PWR participated in two Majors last year, but the team’s squad from that year had a terrible performance on LAN, winning just two games—against another OCE team and the APAC team competing in the competition. Fever’s signing, though, may change that because of his good track record at LAN and his potential to provide the stability they want when the going gets tough.

Given their propensity to play better on LAN and the fact that their individual quality is still superior than PWR’s, Pioneers would continue to be the presumptive betting favorite for the Oceanic team that advances the furthest at the Fall Major. However, it would be foolish to write off the seasoned players because Rocket League on LAN is all about confidence. PWR, which has just won two straight games, may bring the winning spirit to Rotterdam and surprise a few teams in the always unstable Swiss. Watch out for the Australians.

Vatira Climbing the Ladder

Karmine Corp has taken over as the leading force in Europe as BDS finally began to show signs of decline. Vatira, the youthful starlet who has won France over, is at the heart of the team. As France’s Pelé, Kaydop is their Vatira; one defined greatness, the other elevated it to a completely new plane.

He is by far the best complete player in Europe, and he has imposed his will on every team he has encountered. Regionally, he has no equal. Even though the only two teams to defeat his side were giving it their all, KC didn’t give up easily.

Vatira’s strongest European rivals for the accolades, Seikoo and Monkey M00n, won’t be able to fight him if he wins the Fall Major, thereby securing the title of top player for 2022 for him. There is one person, though, with whom Vatira is now engaged in a duel for the title of greatest player in the world and who, with a victory, has a chance to overtake him as the top player in the world in 2022.

Of course, Firstkiller would be that. In the opinion of many (North American) supporters, winning one LAN and placing in the top four in two others would be sufficient to surpass Vatira.

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