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Top 5 Overwatch Skins Ever Made

As usual, we are focusing on bringing you nothing but the very best esports content – and today, we are going to discuss some of the best Overwatch skins out there because if anything’s better than winning, it’s looking epic while doing it.

Six years have passed since the game we all love was launched, and in that time, lots of skins have been presented to us. Let’s dive into the list of those who earned excellence status.

1. Pink Mercy

The game’s most recognizable legendary skin is Pink Mercy. The skin was first made available to players in 2018 during a three-week charity event where they could pay $25 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in exchange for receiving it. Since Pink Mercy hasn’t been playable since that charity event, despite fans pleading for its return, it has become one of the game’s rarest skins. It’s adorably cute skin, right down to Mercy’s twin pigtails and bright pink wings.

2. Grillmaster: 76

A recurring internet joke gave rise to Grillmaster: 76, which the Overwatch development team chose to incorporate into the main game. Many players believed that Soldier: 76 was a tough but well-intentioned dad figure who loved grilling, making horrible puns, and wearing socks with sandals outside of the arena of combat. All of those elements—from the punny apron to the wristband with the tactical drink dispenser—are included in this skin. It was first made accessible during Summer Games activities.

3. Dragon Symmetra

Symmetra is totally transformed with this Halloween Terror-only skin. Her customary attire is replaced by a set of horns, a scaled bodice that glows with lava, and a pair of wings that serve as the garment’s skirt. The finishing touch on her very unique, very realistic skin is her formidable horns and spiked leg armor. Blizzard is at their finest with Dragon.

4. Lifeguard McCree

It’s hilarious to wear this ridiculous Summer Games skin. Lifeguard Cassidy is prepared for the pool, from the top of his straw hat to the bottom of his cowboy boots that have been converted to flip flops. With this skin, the hero is completely transformed; instead of his regular tumbleweed, when he performs his ultimate, a beach ball flies into the battlefield. Even his belt bears the letters SAMF, which we’ll leave you to decipher.

5. Cultist Zenyatta

Cultist depicts the dark side of worship, whereas many of Zenyatta’s skins are based on mythological gods or sage characters. The finest aspect of this skin is how it alters Zenyatta’s face, which becomes a mess of tentacles reminiscent of the fabled Cthulhu creature from H.P. Lovecraft. This skin, which was first made accessible during Halloween Terror events, shows that characters with strange shapes and forms don’t always have to have dull skins.

That’s pretty much or list – if you disagree with some of the choices, write down your suggestions in the comments. In case you would like to obtain some of them, there are plenty of bookmakers that offer skin rewards as a part of their service, so feel free to check some of them right here on our website.

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