Top 3 Overwatch Characters

Even after over half a decade on the market, Overwatch is still among the most well-liked competitive games. Although Overwatch 2 is getting a lot of attention right now, it's become obvious that we won't be getting our grips on it in 2022.

Players are now getting by with what the game has to offer. Thankfully, Overwatch is currently in relatively good shape. Since the debut of “Echo” in April of last year, the game hasn't featured a new hero, but continuous balancing adjustments have kept it feeling new. With a wide variety of destructive heroes to choose from, it also features one of the most dynamic and exciting metas it has ever had.

But which of them are doing well? Which champion should you select if you want to enter Overwatch ranked and earn some SR? There is a lot to close the gap on and a wealth of data to sort through if you are a rookie or inactive player. Fortunately, we've got you covered there, and soon you'll be flying up the tiers.

Here is a list of our 3 best Overwatch characters to use for rapid in-game improvement:

1. Wrecking Ball

“Wrecking Ball” has been performing well over the past few months. Even if some of the top tanks are now having some trouble, it appears that the Overwatch fandom has started to fully grasp how to win with the hamster despite nerfs.

He is one of the characters around whom the current metagame is centered.

He is the Grandmaster pick of choice, and it is simple to understand why. Hammond is without a doubt the best tank when it comes to making space. He is unequaled in his ability to disrupt and displace the opposition front and backline. He still annihilates  any squad trying to solidify their position despite a recent change to his boop strength.

2. Tracer

Overwatch is typically in a favorable position while Tracer is dominant in the meta. As you can see, Overwatch is currently in a good position. Because Tracer's cooldowns expire so frequently, she benefits greatly from being a nuisance in an environment where abilities are valued highly.

She can, however, instantly transform into a killer if an opportunity is lost or a miscalculation in positioning is made.

Aggressive mobile comps, which are currently very much in the cards, are where Tracer excels. Her strength has largely remained constant, but the heroes who support her are also now quite powerful. In addition to coordinating with “Zenyatta” and his Discord Orb, she can mop up weak heroes and dive opponents with her Wrecking Ball.

3. Zarya

At the moment, Zarya is the preferred off-tank in competitive play. Her chemistry with “Wrecking Ball” is excellent. She can protect the hamster as he enters and receives some free charge, much like previous Winston/Zarya pairs, while shielding its progress from any attempts of enemy control.

Graviton Surge continues to be one of the game's strongest ultimate's, and it mixes with a number of potent skills that your team is likely to have available. Most of the time, a team fight will be won by a combination of Wrecking Ball's Minefield or Tracer's Pulse Bomb. These are also quite easy to execute, so they should work well in competitive games with limited communication.

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