Top 3 Damage Overwatch 2 Heroes & Their Abilities

Characters have always been a hallmark of Blizzard, and the Overwatch series is no exception. Like its predecessor, Overwatch 2 will include a huge roster of heroes who are diverse in both design and play style.

All of the playable Overwatch characters will be back in Overwatch 2, according to Blizzard.

Though many won’t play exactly how fans are used to, some are getting considerable reworks, and many others are getting balancing adjustments and tweaks to make them more current for the sequel. New heroes will also be added to Overwatch 2, with the first one already appearing in the game’s open beta.


Dynamite: When Ashe throws dynamite, it either explodes immediately upon impact or a little time later, depending on whatever happens first. All adversaries and barriers caught in the blast radius take damage over time from the dynamite.

Coach Gun: Ashe fires her sidearm, launching herself backward and briefly repositioning the enemy. A modest amount of shotgun damage is dealt if the target is an enemy.

B.O.B. (ulti): Ashe summons B.O.B., who charges forward until he collides with a wall or an adversary. Once there, B.O.B. takes aim at surrounding foes while acting as a turret. He can be wounded and killed by foes, and he lasts for 10 seconds.


Combat Roll: Cassidy quickly rolls toward the player’s direction of travel. It may be utilized off ledges and in the air.

Magnetic Grenade: Cassidy launches a magnetic grenade that adheres to foes and zeroes in on them. Both upon hit and during explosion deal damage.

Deadeye (ulti): In the Deadeye move, Cassidy focuses on every foe in his line of sight and does potential damage to each one. A second use of the power will deliver significant damage to all foes that are currently in Cassidy’s field of view.


Configuration: Recon: Bastion can walk around like a typical hero in Recon, the first of his three modes. Although his damage output is lower than it is in his other settings, he can shoot.

Configuration: Attack: Bastion becomes a sentient turret, increasing damage output every second at the expense of slower movement. It lasts for six seconds and gives Bastion unlimited ammunition during that time.

A-36 Tactical Grenade: Bastion fires a grenade that sticks when it strikes foes or the ground but bounces off barriers. It takes a little moment before it bursts, causing damage based on how close foes are to its landing spot.

Configuration: Artillery (ulti): Bastion is immobile but has a three-shot maximum artillery burst capability. Similar to Doomfist’s Meteor Strike, they descend from the sky, however they can be stopped or eliminated.

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