Overwatch League 2022: Midseason Madness

In Overwatch League 2022, the first big highlight of the year is being played these days – the Midseason Madness.

As the name suggests, this tournament is about the best team in the middle of the season. The highlight of the online tournament will be played on Saturday with the Grand Finale. We have summarized all the information about the Overwatch League Midseason Madness 2022 in the news, including the first results.

12 teams fight for the title

A total of 12 teams have qualified for the tournament, eight clans from the West Group and four organizations from the East Squadron. The following Overwatch teams are competing in Midseason Madness 2022:

San Francisco Shock (West Top-8)
Los Angeles Gladiators (West Top-8)
Dallas Fuel (West Top-8)
Houston Outlaws (West Top-8)
London Spitfire (West Top-8)
Atlanta Reign (West Top-8)
Florida Mayhem (West Top-8)
Toronto Defiant (West Top-8)
Seoul Dynasty (East Top-4)
Hangzhou Shark (East Top-4)
Shanghai Dragons (East Top-4)
Philadelphia Fusion (East Top-4)

The first results of the tournament

Upper Round 1 and three of the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals have already been played. Here are the results:

Upper Round 1

London Spitfire vs. Atalanta Reign 3:1
Shanghai Dragon vs. Toronto Defiant 3:0
Hangzhou Shark vs. Philadelphia Fusion 3:1
Houston Outlaws vs. Florida Mayhem 3:0

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

San Francisco Shock vs. London Spitfire 3:1
Dallas Fuel vs. Shanghai Dragons 0:2 (intermediate)
Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Houston Outlaws 3:0

The format of the Midseason Madness

As usual, the Overwatch Midseason Madness will be played in double elimination format. The teams that conceded two losses in the rounds are eliminated.

Prizes and points

For the teams, the Midseason Madness is not only about league points, but also about real prize money. A total of one million dollars will be distributed until Saturday, which will be divided among the ranks as follows:

Place League Points Prize Money

Place League Points Price Money
Rank 1 4 500.000 $
Rank 2 3 250.000 $
Rank 3 2 125.000 $
Rank 4 1 75.000 $
Rank 5 und 6 1 25.000 $
Rank 7 und 8 1
Rank 9 bis 12 1

Organizer, game and sponsorship

The Overwatch League 2022 and thus the Midseason Madness will of course be hosted by the game manufacturer and league owner – Blizzard Entertainment. The tournament games will be played on Overwatch 2. As a sponsor of the competition, Blizzard has been able to win the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Although the Midseason Madness is played online, the qualified teams from the West Group have traveled to Hawaii to play their games.

eSports betting on the tournament

If you want to place your eSports bets on the Overwatch League 2022 Midseason Madness, you will find them at all bookmakers that have eSports betting in their program. Bets can be placed on every match. There are several betting markets for the games, ranging from the win bet to the handicaps and the exact result. At the same time, you can bet on the winner of the tournament in the outrights section. Note: The long-term odds are usually only available when there are no current matches.

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