Overwatch – Danteh No Longer Part of the Houston Outlaws

Houston, we have a problem!

As you know, many of the Overwatch League’s veterans have changed teams or joined the free agency pool as the league contends with growing uncertainty surrounding its 2023 season. As the offseason drags on, a dependable veteran from one Texas team will now be joining them.

One of the league’s oldest players, Dante #Danteh Cruz, has left the Houston Outlaws, the organization announced today. He was one of only four players from the 2022 roster still playing and the Outlaws team’s most seasoned player.

Danteh’s Overwatch Journey

Danteh is one of the few active Overwatch League players who has competed in each of the league’s five seasons after making his debut as a member of the San Francisco Shock during the league’s first season.

Danteh was relocated to the Houston squad after the league’s initial season and was known as a Tracer specialist in his early years. Danteh has flexed to a variety of heroes during his four years with the Houston Outlaws to meet the team’s demands. He managed to remain a familiar fixture in Houston’s starting lineup even as rosters altered over time.

The Outlaws had endured some trying seasons in the past, but 2022 was by far the team’s most prosperous year, in large part because of Danteh’s versatility in the tank position. Danteh switched from his customary DPS responsibilities to become the team’s indispensable solo tank when Five-vs-Five competition entered a new era with the release of Overwatch 2. He first applied his DPS expertise to heroes like Doomfist before applying it to conventional tank heroes.

The Houston Outlaws reached the Overwatch League postseason in 2022 for the first time in the history of the team. The team struggled through a miraculous upper-bracket run before finishing in third place.

What’s Next?

It’s not entirely apparent from the announcements made by Danteh and the Houston Outlaws whether he’ll be joining the free agent market, or if a trade or retirement is planned.

There have been a few rumors linking him to the Boston Uprising and Los Angeles Gladiators, but since no one has come forward with any information, the question is whether these options were ever seriously considered.

Considering Dante’s reputation and playing resume, it is certain that he will find the next team very easily. The only thing that could possibly prevent that is retirement, but fortunately for all his fans, Dante has not hinted at such a thing so far.

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