Mesut Özil – From soccer star to eSports pro?

The soccer career of former German national player and world champion Mesut Özil is slowly but surely coming to an end. A statement by his advisor Erkut Söğüt caused a stir these days.

Özil could imagine a “career after his career”, namely as an eSports professional. The former professional from SV Werder Bremen and FC Bayern Munich definitely has the prerequisites for this. As Erkut Söğüt pointed out, Özil is an excellent Fortnite player who can definitely compete with the elite of the scene.

Own eSports team already in place

Mesut Özil has long since laid the foundations for entering the eSports world. He founded his own eSports organization back in 2018. The brand “M10 Esports” is not only known to insiders. In the past, M10 Esports has mainly covered the FIFA section, but has also covered other disciplines. In the clan of the German-Turkish were and are numerous, talented German eSports players. So the boss’ entry could be imminent, depending on the current sporting situation.

With the Gunnars more on the console than on grass

Mesut Özil’s sporting decline has begun at Arsenal London FC. The midfielder has developed from a regular player to a benchwarmer at the Gunnars. In recent months, Özil has not been nominated to the squad at all. It is known from the stories of his teammates that he actually brilliant technician spent the vast majority of time at home in his villa in front of game consoles. So Mesut Özil has been a fan of eSports for a long time.

Also unlucky at Fenerbahce Istanbul

After his move to Fenerbahce Istanbul, things seemed to be going out of the window for the former DFB kicker in sporting terms for a short time. However, the interim high is already history again. Özil has also fallen out of favor at the Bosporus and was suspended by Fenerbahce in March 2022.

This will not change in the future. The new coach, Jorge Jesus, emphasized directly when he took office that nothing will change in the Özil case. The Portuguese is not planning to play the 97-time German international.

Özil himself has shown his usual moodiness and officially stressed that he is not seeking a change. He wants to end his career at the Istanbul club and simply sit out his contract if necessary. The ex-national player’s behavior is reminiscent of his appearance in London.

Mesut Özil’s contract runs until 2024, but Erkut Söğüt stressed that Fenerbahce can terminate the employment relationship, provided that an appropriate transfer fee is paid. Then the switch from soccer to Fortnite would be possible immediately.

M10 Esports – the team

Mesut Özil is not only the owner of M10 Esports, the soccer star can of course also be found in the Fortnite online world himself. He plays under the name “M10-Mes”. Responsible for the development of the eSports clan is currently Kay Runné as team manager and CEO.

The organization made headlines in 2020. Back then, the Özil clan signed Fortnite world champion Emil “nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen. However, the Norwegian only competed for the German team for a few months. Currently, the focus is on the development of young talents. Among others, Florian “Floriixn” Sahiti and Lukas “Pepper” Goldack are under contract.