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Nimbus cloak – New Sorcery Rune | League of Legends

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The changes to the Phantasmal in League of Legends have just created a monster. Vladimir and Nasus are two brilliant champions in the late game and so you can play them in a simple way.

Although we believe that League of Legends runes are systems that adapt to the champions, finding ideal compositions for each character depending on their skills and role, the truth is that every so often appear so powerful combinations that have to be used whenever possible. That is what is happening now that the Phantasmal and the Cloak of the Nimbus have been uncovered as an ideal way to be faster than Francesco Virgolini.

The Conqueror has been overpowered for several months, while Glacial Enhancement coupled with a GLP is completely overpowered. The Conqueror will be nerfed in patch 10.13, as we told you here, while the Teleport changed some time ago and the Phantasmal has been completely changed. It looks like Top and Mid will have new archetypes in the coming weeks, with Nasus or Vladimir being some of the ideal champions for this.

Although the Phantasmal has increased its cooldown from 180 to 210 seconds, the truth is that it gains other very good things. It will no longer be an acceleration, but a flat speed and the duration of the spell can be increased if we get a removal. This makes the spell a much more powerful option than before, which although it was more spameable, it was characterized by the scarce power it brought.

It is true that its interaction with the witch rune Cloak of the Nimbus, which generates 15 to 35% movement speed (additional if it is the Phantasmal) after using a summoner spell, was the motivator for the Phantasmal nerf. Some players used it in SoloQ to raise ELO, but others like Gabriel “Bwipo” Raü, toplaner of Fnatic, have taken advantage of this with champions like Nasus and introduced the Spellbook variant to him.

This Key Rune of Inspiration allows you to change your summoner spells and use them at a much higher rate, benefiting even more from the additional mobility of the Cloak of the Nimbus and being able to have a much calmer line by having more offensive and defensive resources.

In the video Bwipo says that this variant is dedicated to raising the E of Nasus first, and barely improves the damage of the Q as well as possible. The reason is that Nasus is a late game champion and if we are dedicated to scaling through gold and tranquility online, the effect is the same as having 400 stacks on Absorbent Strike.

In addition to this, Nasus was upgraded a few patches ago and a few cannon minions are enough to greatly increase the damage of his iconic ability. If we make use of Phantasmal, Heal and Cloak of the Nimbus, no opponent will be able to escape from Nasus. Add to this the rest of the useful Summoner Spells.

I was able to chat with Mauro Garih, coach of the German League of Legends MTW Gaming club, who believes that “mids are going to be played with Cloak of the Nimbus and Phantasmal almost all of them, except for 2/3 cases that need Teleport”. In that line, one of the most benefited champions could be Vladimir, who was already getting to be used with Phantasmal and can now run through Summoner’s Rift like never before doing the usual, killing in the late game.

Will we see this new trend of Spellbook, Phantasmal and Cloak of the Nimbus in competitive, will it be as powerful as it is in SoloQ?

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