LoL: 100Thieves moving closer to 2023 LCS Spring Playoffs

Experience matters

Veteran experience wins over all. After making a sizable comeback, #100Thieves defeated #TSM to improve their status in the LCS 2023 Spring standings, maintaining their chances of making the playoffs. With just three games remaining before the postseason, both teams were tied for fifth, making this one of their most crucial contests of the season.

This time, the Thieves’ veteran players’ wisdom and perseverance were crucial in leading the team to success, particularly after they were down in gold for the first 20 minutes of the game.

The team was initially constantly rebuffed in the bot lane by TSM’s AD carry WildTurtle, who was repeatedly able to fall back and escape dying.

Additionally, TSM frequently took the lead over 100 Thieves in the early going thanks to some outstanding fights from Bugi’s Sejuani and Chime’s Rakan. TSM began to commit unforced errors after building up a sizable advantage with their lead, which allowed the Thieves to reduce their gold deficit while also allowing Doublelift and Closer enough time to farm and scale in strength.

These errors would eventually result in a few failed team fights, which would turn the game entirely in 100T’s favor.

The fact that WildTurtle frequently found himself separated from his squad during team fights made it difficult for him to maintain his lead in the late game. The heist was successfully completed after a valiant, 46-minute fight that was messy and extremely labor-intensive.

With this victory, 100 Thieves’ chances of securing an unrestricted playoff spot have significantly increased, particularly after defeating TSM. This win should help lift their spirits and give them momentum as they race toward the playoffs even though they still have to face Evil Geniuses and Immortals throughout this super week.

To ensure their spot in the postseason, TSM must compete against Team Dignitas and FlyQuest, so they have a difficult road ahead of them. The organization has momentarily been eliminated from the postseason picture as a result of victories by CLG and 100 Thieves. They will need to continue winning all of their games while also hoping the LCS teams in front of them lose their games.

What’s next?

Watch more League of Legends action, and catch TSM and 100 Thieves in action again tomorrow from 4pm CT.

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