League of Legends – World 2022 Champs Exploring Free Agency

The whole #DRX lineup chose to join free agency on November 22 after clinching the #LeagueofLegends #WorldChampionship2022 and finishing one of the greatest Cinderella runs in #Esports history.

There were many reasons to love this iteration of DRX, including Kim #Deft Hyuk-redemption kyu’s story, Cho #BeryL Geon-astute hee’s shot-calling, Hong #Pyosik Chang-pocket-pick hyeon’s Kindred, Kim #Zeka Geon-commanding woo’s international debut, and Hwang #Kingen Seong-legendary hoon’s finals performance.

It’s time for these players to go on and write new stories since DRX’s story will be told for years to come. Here is a detailed tracker outlining the 2023 the squads each member of the DRX team from 2022 will play for.

Deft – DWG KIA

The most illustrious and senior member of the current world title team is also the first to settle in a new place. On November 23, Deft joined DWG KIA to take Seo #deokdam Dae-place gil’s in the bot lane.

His new colleagues include Heo #ShowMaker Su, Kim #Canyon Geon-bu, and Kim #Kellin Hyeong-gyu, as well as newly signed Kim #Canna Chang-dong from Nongshim RedForce. DWG KIA placed fourth in the 2022 LCK Summer Split before winning the LCK Regional Finals and earning a spot in the World Championship. Despite a dismal season finale versus Gen.G in the quarterfinals, these acquisitions gave them a good foundation for 2023.

Pyosik – Free Agent

Pyosik is once again confronted with the challenge of watching his team fall apart. His talent and ambition led him to winning a world championship the previous year, but it’s unclear what he has planned for this offseason.

He could potentially re-sign with DRX on a new contract, but considering how big of a success DRX managed to accomplish, Pyosik won’t be lacking offers for sure.

Kingen – Free Agent

Kingen has chosen to test his value in the free agency market following his astounding performance in the Worlds finals. According to a report by Alejandro Gomis of Blix.gg, Hanwha Life Esports may decide to sign him as a member of its new super team.

As a result of Kim #Kiin Gi-in, another prominent top laner, quitting the market on November 23, this probable move might be more significant.

Zeka – HLE (to be official)

At Worlds 2022, mid laner Zeka had one of the most impressive international debuts in recent memory. His worth is at an all-time high, and unfounded rumors said he was thinking about returning to the LPL.

According to the same reports, it now seems likely that he stays with his top laner as part of a package deal with HLE. However, it appears that depends on where Lee #Scout Ye-chan, a former mid laner with Edward Gaming, ends up.

BeryL – HLE (to be official)

BeryL, the team’s key shot-caller, has been mentioned in connection with a few teams this offseason in rumors and rumours.

After it recently dropped support, there has been talk of a prospective reunion of Kingen and Zeka on the alleged HLE super team. Oh Hyo-seong #Vsta.

Coach SSONG and staff

The whole DRX coaching staff has also entered free agency despite outstanding drafting, particularly in the championships.

Whether head coach Kim #Ssong Sang-su, assistant coaches Lee #Mowgli Jae-ha, and Shin #Shine Dong-wook will remain as a team or pursue individual chances this offseason is presently unknown.

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