League of Legends – TSM & CLG Building For The Next Season

Fans of #CounterLogicGaming were dubious when the company revealed a new general manager and strategy for its #LeagueofLegends division after the company spent several seasons towards the bottom of the #LCS regular season standings.

However, following a very positive turn of events in the 2022 Summer Split, the team has made known that it intends to run it again with the same lineup in 2023.

By the end of this previous year, Dhokla, Contractz, Palafox, Luger, and Poome all intend to build on their recent triumphs by remaining with the established NA organization.

Meanwhile, TSM has changed its primary League of Legends lineup and launched a whole new gamut of adjustments for 2023 after yet another underwhelming season in the LCS.

The squad has added Korean journeyman Lee #Bugi Seong-yeop to replace the organization’s top jungler Mingyi #Spica Lu, along with fellow newcomer and starting AD carry Toàn #Neo Trn.

CLG Hoping For a Fresh Start

After finishing as a bottom-three team in the league for five consecutive seasons, CLG was at the bottom of the barrel in North America before this past summer. The squad tried a wide variety of seasoned players, but they were never able to find the proper combination of firepower and chemistry to make things work.

In the end, the franchise started over with Jonathon McDaniel as the new general manager of the division, clearing the coaching staff and dropping the entire roster.

The forward-thinking GM focused on developing promising players who could develop into superstars, and after snagging talents like Luger and Poome, they gradually rose to the top of the local fan favorites list.

The squad must now focus on strengthening itself in preparation for the 2023 Spring Split, when they will compete against lineups packed with fresh talent from around the globe. Synergy shouldn’t be an issue since they have collaborated during the entire year.

To compete with some of the superstar-filled lineups that are being unveiled for the LCS, they’ll need to improve individually and as a team.

TSM on a Mission for Redemption

Over span of his five-year journey, the jungler has participated in a variety of leagues with teams including Estral Esports of the LLA, V3 Esports of the LJL, and Flash Wolves of the LMS. In Taiwan and Japan, he has triumphed in a regional tournament. He has signed with eight organizations, making this his fourth region and fourth region that he will play for.

Neo, on the other hand, most recently participated for Team Dignitas as both the Academy ADC and the team’s main player from the 2022 Summer Split to the end of this year. After graduating from NA Academy, he was regarded as a strong prospect in the NA scene, and since then, he has had a few standout performances on Summoner’s Rift.

Players from the TSM system make up the rest of the roster, including veteran NA top laner Colin #Solo Earnest, budding support prodigy Jonathan #Chime Pomponio, and seasoned Taiwanese mid laner Huang #Maple Yi-Tang, who joined the team just last year. Wong #Chawy Xing Lei will continue to serve as the organization’s head coach and work to find some solid ground for his team to stand on in the upcoming season.

TSM, which had been regarded as one of NA’s top organizations for the previous two years, has rapidly lost that position. The team, which was once a perennial champion, is now a mediocre group that struggles to make the playoffs. TSM fans can only hope for brighter times in 2023 with new faces and a brand-new year.

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