League of Legends – Team Liquid Needs To Step Up After Disappointing Season

#TeamLiquid suffered the most terrible #SummerSplit2022 of any #LCS team.

The finest performance Liquid had after becoming the newest North American “#SuperSquad” was a third-place showing in the 2022 LCS Spring Split playoffs. Now that free agency has officially begun, it’s time to see how one of the LCS’s juggernauts will change for their upcoming 2023 season. There are 11 days left.

The Wake Up Call

Prior to going into any rumored transfers and rumors, it is crucial to highlight the future for Liquid’s professional League of Legends program. After Liquid failed to even qualify for Worlds 2022, co-CEO Steve Arhancet addressed the crowd a little over two months ago. In that video, Arhancet highlighted the organization’s aim to reflect and move forward with a roster that includes more developmental players.

The “super team” model had, in essence, failed, thus going forward, the team intends to modify its strategy in order to create a better winning culture. Fans may prepare by understanding the organization’s outlook heading into the summer.

Players On The Way Out

Let’s start with the actions that are largely predetermined. The first exit occurred from the bottom after Liquid had to make some adjustments. Alongside CoreJJ, Hans Sama, who entered the LCS following a standout 2021 season in the LEC, failed to live up to expectations. Shortly after the season’s completion, Liquid let him go, giving him the opportunity to pursue other interests. Hans Sama will soon make a comeback to the LEC with G2 Esports as a new team.

It appears that Liquid made the decision to get rid of all of its European imports. After Hans Sama left, Brieuc Seeger reported that Liquid was letting top laner Bwipo consider his options for 2023. As of right now, Bwipo’s future is still in a very precarious position. Although some LEC supporters have suggested that he would rejoin Fnatic, nothing concrete about Bwipo’s future in professional League has been disclosed.

CoreyJJ’s Future?

With 10 consecutive splits with the club, CoreJJ is presently the player on Liquid’s League team with the longest stay. After Arhancet’s video, Core’s fate with the team was also highly uncertain. Fans speculated on anything from CoreJJ’s return to Korea to an unexpected move to 100 Thieves as the rumors went rampant.

Five days earlier, esports journalists revealed that CoreJJ had renewed his contract with Liquid for the 2023 campaign, ending the suspense. As a result, the veteran on the roster moving forward will continue to be the face of Liquid.

Bjergsen’s Future?

Many people tried to determine what went wrong behind closed doors after the failures of the 2022 Liquid “super squad.” The most widespread rumor is that Bjergsen and CoreJJ did not get along well together. Many assumed that the two did not want to play together for the impending split as a result of this.

Liquid’s situation becomes more challenging with the rumored re-signing of CoreJJ by the squad. Before re-signing, CoreJJ was scheduled to become a free agent; however, Bjergsen still has one year left on his contract with Liquid. What does Liquid do with Bjergsen and his contract now if the rumors about the problems last year involving the two team leaders with the loudest voices are accurate?

Also, the most recently exposed spiciest rumor, which connects another LCS powerhouse to Bjergsen. 100 Thieves, who are rumored to be interested in signing Bjergsen along with former teammates Spica and Doublelift, appears to be the hypothetical next NA “super team.” Although it is still all theoretical, it would be interesting to see 100T in the 2020 TSM team. Bjergsen’s future is currently in a very precarious position.

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