League of Legends – Spica & Ablazeolive Finding New Teams

As the 2023 #LeagueofLegends season approaches, #LCS teams—particularly those that have had trouble consistently competing with the rest of the field—continue to make significant changes to their rosters.

Meanwhile, #Spica, a former #TSM jungler, has verbally agreed to join #FlyQuest’s League of Legends squad in 2023. The former LCS MVP has been a member of the TSM team since 2019, however the team dropped him early this year.

Ablazeolive’s Situation

Nicholas Antonio #Ablazeolive Abbott, a mid laner for Golden Guardians’ Academy and LCS teams for three years, said goodbye to the team. Who will replace him on the Golden Guardians squad is yet unknown, and he is likely to become a free agent in the following summer.

Although the teenage mid laner’s tenure with Golden Guardians in the LCS did not result in any championships, Abalzeolive said in a farewell video that he is extremely grateful for everyone who shared this journey with him, particularly his teammates and family. He hinted that he will be switching teams in the LCS to start a “good rivalry,” but he did not say which team it is.

Ablazeolive had more recently participated in the LCS broadcast as a guest analyst, where he frequently worked with Dash, Emily Rand, and Raz to analyze the playstyles of the opposing teams using their combined knowledge of almost eight years in the industry. Additionally, he was able to cast a game for the first time, describing the experience as “amazing” and saying he would be open to doing it again.

Ablazeolive and Olleh’s departure from Golden Guardians’ squad for the 2023 season is the only alteration that has been been announced so yet. However, a recent change to the coaching staff of the squad shows that the organization intends to focus more on developing a good roster, perhaps highlighted by the return of support Huhi.

Spica Finds New Home

Spica’s contract was due to expire at the conclusion of the 2022 League season, but TSM gave him an unconditional release in September so he could fully investigate the free agency market. He now appears to be joining a FlyQuest squad that has spent the last two seasons mired in the middle of the LCS.

FlyQuest had a memorable 2020 season, making it to back-to-back LCS finals and representing North America at the World Championship. Since then, however, the organization has been unable to reach those same heights.

Chris #PapaSmithy Smith, the former 100 Thieves general manager, joined FlyQuest as its new president this offseason, and the seasoned team-builder is already taking a number of actions to turn the team around. According to Seeger, FlyQuest has also apparently agreed to sign veteran top laner Impact in addition to the rumored signing of Spica. Yesterday saw Impact’s formal release by Evil Geniuses.

Carry spots in the mid lane and ADC positions are still open, therefore the rest of FlyQuest’s 2023 roster is still up in the air. Toucouille, the team’s standout mid laner, is expected to return to his native LFL region after the current season. Alejandro Gomis of Blix.gg claims that T1 mid laner Faker was the subject of interest from FlyQuest. Later today, Faker is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent.

Spica will be taking over for Josedeodo, a two-year veteran of FlyQuest who was given permission by the organization earlier this month to consider his options.

As soon as the majority of players’ contracts start to expire later today, Pro League teams will be able to make official changes.

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