League of Legends – Solo & Bjergsen No Longer On The Market

According to #esports journalists, a 10-year #LCS veteran #Bjergsen will represent #100Thieves #LeagueofLegends squad in the upcoming season.

Bjergsen, who had previously announced his retirement from League at the conclusion of the 2020 season, made a comeback to the sport this year with Team Liquid. In his lengthy career, he has only ever played for TSM, and he will now switch to 100T, which will be his third North American squad overall.

Meanwhile, Colin #Solo Earnest is reportedly re-signing with TSM after aiding the team in improving its 2022 season. If this were to happen, Solo would re-join the team he played on during the previous Summer Split for the first time in his five-plus year LCS career.

TSM has had a difficult past year, both in League of Legends and otherwise. However, by making this move, the staple organization hopes to achieve consistency in the top lane by 2023.

Bjergsen Among The Thieves

Bjergsen played just one season with Liquid before being formally released earlier this month. He will apparently join his second team in as many years.

Bjergsen was added to Liquid this season as the team’s potential star player. According to Steve Arhancet, the team’s owner, the team had ambitions to have “a roster that would perhaps be the best lineup that the region has seen in the last decade.” Despite being an undisputed “superteam,” Liquid lost in the lower bracket quarterfinals of the LCS summer playoffs, missing the World Championship by just one game.

Bjergsen had an excellent season despite this, leading the LCS in KDA during the Spring and Summer Splits with scores of 8.9 and 8.7, respectively, per League metrics website Oracle’s Elixir.

Since several weeks ago, there have been rumors about Bjergsen joining 100T. His name has even been connected to Doublelift, a former TSM teammate who may follow Bjergsen to 100T. Although 100T apparently plans to push support player Busio, North America’s top overall prospect, to the LCS stage as well, the team’s complete roster is yet unknown.

There have been no official roster changes announced by 100T. According to the League worldwide contract database, all members of the team’s starting lineup save for top laner Ssumday are committed to the company through the end of the 2023 season.

Solo’s Re-Signing

Over the years, Solo had developed a reputation as a minor LCS mercenary. Teams have gone to Solo and found more success each time they required one of the great esport clichés—a experienced presence in the top lane—to stabilize their seasons.

In the middle of the Spring Split in 2020, FlyQuest made the disastrous decision to replace V1per in the top lane with Solo, who was coming off an aggressively subpar 2019. The most underestimated roster in LCS history made history for the rest of the game, as they say.

In the following split, FlyQuest, who finished second in the 2020 Spring Playoffs, dominated the upper bracket and narrowly missed reverse-sweeping TSM in the championship game of the 2020 Summer Playoffs by one game. They were placed in the same group as DRX and Top Esports at Worlds due to a cruel draw, but the North American team was the only one to defeat TES and end with a very respectable 3-3 record.

Golden Guardians brought in Solo in 2021 and terminated their split-long gamble with rookie top laner Niles, going from 3-15 in the Spring to 9-16 in the Summer. Prior to joining and being called up from TSM Academy to replace another rookie top laner in S0ul (who himself was pushed into the fire after Huni’s untimely retirement) in the midst of the 2022 Summer Split, he coached Counter Logic Gaming’s amateur team, CLG Faith, the following Spring.

Before Solo, TSM’s Summer record was 3-8. They finished the season 3-4, defeated FlyQuest in the lower bracket, and narrowly missed upsetting top-seeded Evil Geniuses in the playoffs by one game. Once more, Solo had significantly enhanced the performance of the team he was tagged into mid-split.

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