League of Legends Pro’s Picks For Jungling

League of Legends champions vary greatly in strength from one another.

There are several factors to take into account for junglers when deciding which champions are superior. The most crucial and apparent factor to consider is if the champion would be adept at ganking and either securing kills on their own or helping their teammates do so. But the tricky part is going on behind the scenes.

The evaluation of clear speed, invasion pressure, and macro mobility are all necessary for keeping up with the opponent jungler. The versatile champions in the jungle are the greatest.

This list of elite champions is subject to change depending on a variety of factors. Sometimes the meta changes for no obvious reason other than player preferences, but most of the time the abrupt change is caused by some sort of balance tweak, no matter how modest. Let us do it for you as keeping up with the flavor-of-the-month champions may be challenging.

The best junglers for League’s Patch 12.19 are shown below.

Master Yi

Who would have thought that Master Yi would one day become one of League of Legends’ top junglers? Nevertheless, the Wuju Bladesman is back on our list because to recent improvements, which have greatly increased his strength.

However, Master Yi’s arsenal has not changed, and auto attacks and attack speed are still two of his greatest strengths. It is therefore recommended to use Lethal Tempo as the main rune while picking Master Yi in order to slightly increase those two. Once you’re fully piled, this will increase his attack speed with each basic strike, giving you a little bit more range. Lethal Tempo is essential to solo carrying the game while you are ahead.


Elise has consistently ranked among League of Legends’ best early-game junglers. She is now one of the finest choices for the position. Her diverse kit and tremendous damage make it simple to propel your team to an early lead, which frequently results in victory. However, doing so calls for some familiarity with this champion.

Elise is quite powerful early on, as we mentioned, thus it only seems logical to use Dark Harvest to completely enhance her snowball potential right away. This major rune enables champions to apply adaptive damage to enemies that have less than 50% of their health when they are struck. Additionally, it enables you to gather enemy souls, increasing your damage even more and fast turning you into a threat.


Rek’Sai remains one of the game’s top junglers after getting modest nerfs in Patch 12.19. She is one of the most deadly junglers in both the early and mid-game due to her tankiness, quick camp clearance, and simple ganks. If all goes according to plan, you could rapidly give your team the upper hand and let them handle the rest of the game’s affairs.

Prioritize clearing out camps fast and making use of your high damage early when playing Rek’Sai. Conqueror is a smart choice to further enhance it because you may stack it to do more damage just by hitting adversaries. Additionally, once completely stacked, you will heal for a portion of the damage you do to opposing champions, improving your teamfight sustain.

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