League of Legends – Faker Back in T1, Nuguri Says Goodbye

#T1 officially announced today that iconic superstar Lee #Faker Sang-hyeok has re-signed with the team following another spectacular run at the #2022WorldChampionship.

Meanwhile, Jang #Nuguri Ha-gwon, who was out of his contract  with DWG KIA on November 15th, has today announced his retirement from League of Legends competition. Korizon’s Ashley Kang publicly posted on social media to confirm the news.

Faker Staying Home

As he plants the future of the team, the 26-year-old mid laner and part-owner will remain with T1 for three more years. For many League players, coaches, owners, and fans around the world, T1 and Faker have long been considered interchangeable and the gold standard of perfection.

Regardless of whether his team needed an assassin to dive the backline like Akali, a scaling mid laner to manage the pace like Viktor, or a playmaking, macro-focused damage dealer like Ryze, the mid lane prodigy remained as versatile as ever. According to Oracle’s Elixir, he had one of the lowest average share percentages of his team’s overall gold at Worlds. He was also considerably more willing to give up his own success to help his colleagues succeed.

Faker swept through the competition at Worlds this year, narrowly missing out on the elusive fourth Summoner’s Cup by only one game. Even though he was paired with some of the tournament’s youngest teammates, the seasoned captain led the squad to tremendous heights as they competed against international teams like Royal Never Give Up, JD Gaming, Edward Gaming, Fnatic, and Cloud9.

It’s easy to say that Faker has gotten reenergized and rejuvenated in his pursuit of winning another trophy after going undefeated through the 2022 Spring Split, making back-to-back LCK finals, and just missing out on history at Worlds.

Nuguri Rides Into The Sunset

In the Summer Split of Challengers Korea in 2017, Nuguri made his competitive gaming debut on I Gaming Star. He later joined DWG in the off-season, which would eventually enable him to establish himself as a top player in the globe.

Nuguri and DWG rose to prominence in the CK scene in less than a year, winning the LCK season’s promotion tournament and making their Worlds debut. After defeating Suning in the championship match, Nuguri and DWG went on to win the title a year later.

Unfortunately, Nuguri struggled to maintain the same level of performance after leaving DWG in 2020 and joined FunPlus Phoenix in 2021, and at the end of 2021 he decided to take a hiatus from the professional arena. The vacation wasn’t long, but even after returning to DWG KIA before the LCK 2022 Summer Split began, the outcomes weren’t as good.

During his final season with the team, Nuguri lost to the top-seeded Korean player Gen.G in the League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals.

Nuguri was regarded as one of the finest top laners in the globe during his initial time on DWG. He rapidly became a favorite among the audience because of his aggressiveness and mechanical prowess. Nuguri, however, will no longer be a part of the League’s professional scene as of right now.

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